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Effective Ant Removal Services for Your Property

Ants are common pests that can infest homes, offices, and other properties. Their primary motivation for entering these spaces is to search for food and water. Once they find these resources, they will create nests in your premises and begin forming large colonies. Ants construct numerous colonies with self-organising networks and are challenging to eliminate. In addition, the absence of a centralised location for extermination makes it difficult to eradicate them. Therefore, early identification of ant infestations is crucial, and appropriate measures must be taken promptly to prevent these pests from multiplying within your property. Please act quickly to avoid significant problems down the line. Tom’s Pest Control provides expert ant removal services to ensure you enjoy a clean, ant-free living environment. We conduct our pest control procedures systematically, step-by-step, to achieve optimal results.

Types of Ants

argentina ant control canberra
The Argentina ant is an invasive species of ant originating from South America. These ants tend to reside in large colonies and can cause extensive damage to crops and property owing to their significant population. In addition, the Argentina ants can invade new habitats and outcompete native ants through their aggressive behaviour and impressive aptitude for social interaction across multiple colonies.

Argentine Ants

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black garden Ants contol canberra
Worker ants of this species measure 4-5mm in length, while their queens can grow up to 15mm long. These dark brown or black ants have a narrow segment at their waistline. Black garden ants establish their nests outdoors in soil or below a building's paving slabs. These ants have a particular fondness for sweets and protein-rich foods.

Black Garden Ants

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Coastal Brown Ants Control Canberra
The coastal brown ants are yellow-brown and typically measure 1.5 to 2.5mm in length. The worker ants are responsible for constructing the nest and maintaining food supplies. Male ants possess wings, while females also have wings until mating. Coastal brown ants generally nest in dry regions and are attracted to foods like meat, sweets, fruits, and oily items.

Coastal Brown Ants

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Carpenter Ants Control Canberra
Carpenter Ants Control Canberra

Carpenter Ants

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WHITE FOOTED HOUSE ANTS control canberra
WHITE FOOTED HOUSE ANTS control canberra

White-Footed House Ants

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Bull ants removal Canberra
Bull ants removal Canberra

Bull Ants

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singapore ant control canberra
The introduction of Singapore ants to Australia in the early 2000s has caused a significant problem. These ants, which are aggressive, pose a threat to the environment, agriculture, and urban development in the country. Due to their fast reproductive rate, they form super colonies that can eliminate the native ant populations and their surrounding ecosystems. Moreover, Singapore ants invade buildings and homes, transmit diseases, and cause harm to carpets, furniture, insulation, and electrical wiring.

Singapore Ants

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