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Bed Bugs are small, oval-shaped insects that feed on either human or animal blood. They do not fly or jump; however, they will hinder your sleeping cycle! They are the world’s worst pest, of course after cockroaches. Bed bugs can live anywhere in your home and are most active at night. 

Hence, choose Tom’s Pest Control bed bugs treatment in Canberra over sleepless nights. We offer one of the best bed bugs pest control services in Canberra. When you find signs of bed bug infestation in your property, call Tom’s Pest Control immediately. These menacing insects will not only take your sleep away but will also give you itchy skin. Their bites can also lead to severe inflammation.  So, instead of taking any risks, just pick up your call and get our effective pest control in Canberra. Finding bed bugs is quite difficult but we have expert exterminators. They can detect bed bug eggs and provide an effective and quick solution for the infestation. 

Hence, instead of doing this by yourself, give Tom’s Pest Control a chance and we will eradicate bed bugs from your property. With us, you will get long-lasting results without breaking your bank!

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Professional Bed Bugs Treatment Canberra

Annoyed with bed bugs in Canberra? Well, look no further than us. Our trained and licensed experts will take care of bed bugs infestation in detail. Additionally, our treatment plan includes several stages before we leave your property pest-free. 

All the latest tools and equipment help us deliver immaculate bed bugs pest control service to our customers. Plus, we guarantee to eradicate bed bugs from all belongings such as wardrobes, beds, and furniture. 

We use methods that are safe and our pesticides are also safe and eco-friendly. If necessary, we will also use the bed bug heat treatment to eradicate these insects from your property. Our experts are well trained to identify the infestation stage and act accordingly. 

How to Detect Bed Bugs Infestation?

Early in the infestation, you will be able to find bed bugs around the seams, beading and folded mattresses, sleeping bags, and sheets. However, once the infestation spreads, these dangerous insects will move to any crevices, which may be in bed heads, skirting boards, cracks in plaster, and bedroom furniture. 

Due to their colour, you will be easily able to detect adult bed bugs with your naked eye present on the sheets and bedding. However, finding them on brown wooden floors and other dark surfaces will be very difficult. 

To detect, search for black or brown spots of dried blood excrement or spotting on beds. You may also experience an offensive sweet sticky odour when these creatures are numerous. This odour is similar to the odour you get when you squish a stink bug. 

You will also find white eggs, egg cases, moulted skin shells, and living bed bugs near this area. These insects use pheromones to communicate. This makes it very difficult to spot them. Due to this method, they will become very alert and quickly vacate the area being treated. 

For that, you will need professional help. This is where Tom’s Pest Control will come into play. Our bed bugs treatment in Canberra will offer you a cost-effective, rapid, and highly safe pest removal service. 


Our Bed Bugs Pest Control Procedure

We are people’s first choice pest control company because we work closely with our customers. We provide all the details and costs from the beginning to be as transparent as possible. Our bed bugs treatment in Canberra includes three steps: 


Our experts will visit your place at your given time to thoroughly inspect the possible hideouts of bed bugs. A detailed investigation will be followed to determine the level of infestation your property is experiencing. Once the inspection is done, our expert will provide you with the treatment options and pricing.

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Once you finalise our services, we will use all the latest and technologically advanced machines to remove bed bugs from your property. Our prime aim is to deliver the best results to our clients at affordable rates. 

We will find and eradicate bed bugs from common spots of infestation like beddings, mattresses, cracks, and furniture. All these pest controls will be done using eco-friendly and pet-friendly products. If required, bed bug heat treatment will also be used. 

Prevention Tips

The one-time treatment is never enough to keep these bugs at bay. Hence, our experts will provide you with some helpful prevention tips. Follow our suggested preventive tips to make sure that bed bugs don’t return any time soon. 

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Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control?

We are your one-stop solution for pest control problems. Additionally, we offer reliable, safe, and inexpensive bed bugs pest control in Canberra and nearby suburbs. After our pest control session, we ensure that your family and property are protected. 

You should choose us because: 

  • We have a team of licensed, experienced, and trained exterminators
  • We are available 24X7 to provide you with the best services
  • Our methods and techniques are effective, affordable, and safe
  • Client’s safety and health are our priority, hence we use eco-friendly chemicals 
  • Offer same-day pest control service and exciting discounts
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Are you looking for an effective bed bug pest control service? Well, look no further than us! At Tom’s Pest Control, we will ensure that bed bugs are completely eliminated from your home. Just give us a call at (02)6105 9024 and get an exciting first-service discount. 

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