Professional Beetle Pest Control in Canberra

You may think that beetle infestation is not as scary as experts say. However, at some point, things will escalate and these nasty pests will become destructive. Hence, book our beetle pest control service in Canberra to prevent that from happening. 

When you call Tom’s Pest Control for beetle infestation removal, you need to put your worries aside. We offer the country’s most effective beetle pest control service at affordable rates. 

Our professional and licensed beetle exterminators will ensure that these annoying creatures are removed from your property for the foreseeable future. These insects will not only harm your garden but can also cause infection, itching, and rashes in your pets. 

However, you can prevent all these by just taking a few steps. What you have to do: 

  • Pick up your phone 
  • Call our representative and provide us with the information regarding the infestation 
  • Book your appointment with us! 

And voila! Beetles will be out of your property! Trust Tom’s Pest Control as we offer reliable, inexpensive, rapid beetle treatment in Canberra and nearby suburbs.

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Signs of Beetle Infestation

Different species of beetles can infest your property. If the beetles are small, you will find them very difficult to identify. Additionally, it also depends on the level of infestation. 

If the level is in its starting stage, you will hardly notice anything. Hence, it is recommended to do a regular check-up of your property every now and then. This will help you identify if there is any pest infestation present on your property. 

If you notice such an infestation, look for the droppings and bristle skin of beetles. You will also find other possible infestation signs like munching on fabric or furniture, and crawling pests near your windows or doors. 

The most common time for a beetle infestation is during the hot or spring seasons when the pests make their way outside from the hidings. Additionally, look for damage to your garden, clothes, and carpets. 

Hotels are prone to carpet beetle infestation along with homes as well. If you experience an itchy sensation when you wear clothes, your wardrobe may be under beetles’ attack. 

Why Carpet Beetle Control Is A Must?

One of the most common pests throughout history, carpet beetles, is the cause of concern for residential as well as commercial properties in Canberra and all over the country. Getting rid of these creatures by your own is not an easy task. Hence, the best way to remove them from our property is to book a professional pest control service, like Tom’s Pest Control canberra Apart from carpet beetles, there are many other species of beetles. They will not only damage your garden but will also harm your belongings present inside your home. Some of the most common damage done by beetles includes: 

  • African black beetles can damage various kinds of plants like vegetables, and others. 
  • Carpet beetles can harm decorative plants, stored food, clothes, and furniture.
  • Hibiscus beetles can damage flower buds, and lead these plants to death.

You will be relieved a little when you get to know that most beetle species do not bite. However, there are a few species that are harmful to humans and animals. Also, the bites of beetles are more painful than bed bug bites. This can lead to allergies.  Hence, instead of using DIY treatment methods to control beetle infestation, call our expert to deal with them. We will provide you with the best beetle pest control service without breaking your bank.  


Our Beetle Pest Control Procedure

We at Tom’s Pest Control follow a three-step beetle pest control treatment. With the help of these steps, we will remove these nasty creatures from your property. Once the treatment is completed, we make sure that there are no pests left behind. Our technicians will ensure that all the chances of future infestation are eliminated. 

Our beetle treatment in Canberra consists of: 


When you book our service, our executive will ask for the time and date for inspection. Our experts will arrive on the given date and time at your place and will conduct a thorough inspection of your property. They will look out for various beetle types, level of infestation, its root cause, and damage it has caused till now. 

After this inspection, our experts will provide you with the time it will take to remove beetles from your property, the treatment options, and how much it will cost you to get our beetle pest control service. 

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Treatment Plan

Once you finalise our treatment, we will create a customised beetle removal service based on your requests. Once everything is finalised, our exterminators will kick start the treatment and remove beetles from your property using safe and eco-friendly chemicals. 

Prevention Tips 

After the treatment, we will leave no stone unturned to remove beetles from your property. Our experts will provide you with all the tips you need to follow to prevent these nasty creatures from coming back to your property any time soon. You can always ask for our emergency assistance. 

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Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control?

The beetle treatment in Canberra provided by Tom’s Pest Control is considered one of the best in suburbs due to its effectiveness. You may have questions regarding our ability to deal with beetles. No worries, here are some of the reasons why you should choose us: 

  • We offer safe and eco-friendly beetle pest control service
  • Have highly trained, experienced, and licensed exterminators 
  • Effective and quick beetle control service 
  • Same-day beetle treatment in Canberra and nearby suburbs
  • Customer-centric approach 
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