Beetle Pest Control in Canberra

A beetle infestation may not sound scary, but you’d be surprised how quickly things can escalate and these nasty pests can become destructive, requiring you to enlist the services of experts like our carpet beetle removal team in Canberra. Our beetle pest control is guaranteed to solve the problem before it gets worse.  

When you call Tom’s Pest Control for carpet beetle removal in Canberra, our specialists will get you a custom quote and a fast appointment, so you have peace of mind that your beetle infestation will be dealt with. 

We offer one of the country’s most effective beetle pest control services and have refined our carpet beetle removal services all over Canberra, so we can offer a great service at affordable rates. Our professional and licensed beetle exterminators will make sure these annoying creatures are removed from your property and we will back it up with a warranty too. These insects will not only harm your garden but can also cause infection, itching, and rashes for your pets. You can prevent damage by just acting fast to get carpet beetle removal sorted early

It’s as simple as this:

  • Give us a call
  • Get your customised quote at a great price
  • We will provide you an appointment to suit your schedule and get the treatment done

Trust Tom’s Pest Control in Canberra for reliable, inexpensive, and fast acting beetle treatment across all Canberra suburbs.

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Signs of Beetle Infestation

Different species of beetles can infest your property. If the beetles are small, you will find them very difficult to identify. Additionally, it also depends on the level of infestation. 

If the level is in its starting stage, you will hardly notice anything. Hence, it is recommended to do a regular check-up of your property every now and then. This will help you identify if there is any pest infestation present on your property. 

If you notice such an infestation, look for the droppings and bristle skin of beetles. You will also find other possible infestation signs like munching on fabric or furniture, and crawling pests near your windows or doors. 

The most common time for a beetle infestation is during the hot summer or spring seasons, but it’s not uncommon to see them all year round Hotels are a known place to pick up bugs like this and bring them home, if you experience an itchy sensation when you wear clothes, your wardrobe may be under a beetle attack.


Why is Carpet Beetle Removal important?

One of the most common pests that are difficult to identify and treat yourself are carpet beetles, and they are a cause of concern for residential and commercial properties in Canberra and all over the country. Getting rid of these creatures on your own is not an easy task, so the best way to remove them from our property is to book a professional carpet beetle removal service like Tom’s Pest Control Canberra.  

Apart from carpet beetles, there are many other species of beetles. They will not only damage your garden but will also harm your belongings present inside your home. Some of the most common damage done by beetles includes:

  • Damage to various kinds of plants like fruits, herbs and vegetables.
  • They can get into stored food, clothes, and furniture.
  • Often they can damage flower buds, killing the plants.

While most beetle species do not bite, there are a few species that are harmful to humans and animals. They can cause problems with things like allergies too.  Instead of using DIY treatments, call our Canberra based carpet beetle removal team to deal with them quickly and effectively. We will provide a custom quote, treatment plan, loads of free advice and a warranty on our work.



Our Beetle Pest Control Procedure

We at Tom’s Pest Control follow a three-step beetle pest control treatment. With the help of these steps, we will remove these nasty creatures from your property. Once the treatment is completed, we make sure that there are no pests left behind. Our technicians will ensure that all the chances of future infestation are eliminated. 

Our beetle treatment in Canberra consists of: 


When you book our service, our executive will ask for the time and date for inspection. Our experts will arrive on the given date and time at your place and will conduct a thorough inspection of your property. They will look out for various beetle types, level of infestation, its root cause, and damage it has caused till now.  After this inspection, our experts will provide you with the time it will take to remove beetles from your property, the treatment options, and how much it will cost you to get our beetle pest control service. 

Building pest Inspection
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Treatment Plan

Once you finalise our treatment, we will create a customised beetle removal service based on your requests. Once everything is finalised, our exterminators will kick start the treatment and remove beetles from your property using safe and eco-friendly chemicals. 

Prevention Tips 

After the treatment, we will leave no stone unturned to remove beetles from your property. Our experts will provide you with all the tips you need to follow to prevent these nasty creatures from coming back to your property any time soon. You can always ask for our emergency assistance. 

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Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control for Beetle Control Canberra?

The beetle treatment in Canberra provided by Tom’s Pest Control is considered one of the best due to its effectiveness – backed up by our pest free guarantee. If you have questions about our beetle control Canberra services, reach out to us anytime and ask. Here are some of the reasons that Canberra homes and businesses choose us:

  • Our treatments are pet safe and eco-friendly· All our staff are highly trained, experienced, and licensed
  • Our warranty backs up our effective beetle control service
  • We offer fast and even same-day beetle treatment across all of Canberra· Our team provide excellent customer support, before during and after you book with us

If you’re looking for safe and effective beetle control services, anywhere across Canberra, contact us today to chat to one of our experts to find out more. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I identify a carpet beetle?

The furniture carpet beetle comes in many different colours and patterns. It can appear mottled by the black wing covers. If the sheen is removed, adults may find it black. They also have white undersides.

A black carpet beetle adult measures between 1/8 and 3/16 inches long. They are dark brown with dark brown legs. They are characterized by lustrous, black-coloured spots and lustrous white locks. Larvae can grow up to 5/16 inches in length and range from black to pale brown during their total growth.

Anthrenus verbasci, an adult carpet beetle, has a black wing covering. It measures approximately 1/10 inch in length and has an irregular pattern of white, brown, or dark yellow scales. Individuals will eventually lose the beetle’s pattern-forming scales. This can cause them to appear black or solid brown.

Is it possible for the winter to see the disappearance of the insects?

Many beetles can survive in cold environments and are adaptable. Some insects can tolerate colder temperatures. Diapause is an insect analogue of hibernation that some people choose not to enter. It can be used as an alternative to hibernation.

Diapause can happen at any stage in beetle development, including the egg and nymph. Winter is the most common time that adult beetles seek shelter in homes. You can attract more beetles to a home by using firewood and other materials in the larval stage.

Some beetles, such as carpets and rice weevils, can live all year. However, some beetles need to move when it gets colder and drier.

What can I do to prevent an infestation?

Mint oil and plants are natural pest repellents. Mix 10-15 drops of pure peppermint oils and eight ounces of water to keep pests away from your home. Spray the mixture on all windows, doors, vents, etc.

Neem oil can repel insects and is safe for pets and children. It is effective in repelling more than two hundred kinds of insects. To repel insects from entering your home, you can use Neem oil.

Sticky traps designed to capture crawling insects might also work. These traps are available at your local hardware store and can be placed anywhere you see beetle activity.

Carpet beetles: Should I be concerned?

Carpet beetles can cause serious damage to carpets and other natural materials, such as furniture covers, grain storage, curtains, or curtains.

Carpet beetles can infest homes and warehouses as well as other structures. You can find them on windowsills, carpets, and infested clothing. Their pale brownish skin may be reminiscent of an egg.

Carpet beetles can be removed by vacuuming. Tom’s Pest Control Canberra is here to help you eliminate carpet beetles. As a result, we can solve the problem and prevent future problems.

How do I permanently eradicate carpet beetles?

You have two options depending on your infestation: call an exterminator or go it alone. Clean your home thoroughly. Vacuuming is the most efficient and fastest way to eliminate carpet beetle larvae. Concentrate on the most affected areas and choose where to focus.

All damaged fabrics should be thrown away in an outdoor garbage can. If you have severe infestations, getting rid of all clothing and fabric is crucial. It will only make matters worse if you keep using contaminated textiles.

To prevent future infestations, use pheromone-based pesticides. To capture flying beetles, place traps outside windows and doors. After they are eliminated, it is important to keep the carpet beetles away from coming back.

How much does it cost to control beetles?

Depending on where you live, the cost of pest control will vary. For example, an hourly rate for a pest control specialist in Australia might be $52 per task. The hourly rate can vary depending on where you live. It could range from $35 to $65.

The cost of pest management is affected by how often and how large the treatments are performed.

Ask for free estimates from local service providers to accurately estimate pest control costs. Then, before you hire a pest controller for your home, ask for recommendations.

Is the beetle going to die in the washer?

Carpet beetles can be eliminated by regular laundry, dry cleaning, and other items that are not washable in a washing machine. You can use vinegar to get rid of carpet beetles in your washing machine. Spray bottles containing water or apple cider vinegar and sprayed furniture can be used to kill carpet mites, contaminated clothing, and upholstered furniture.

You can wash clothes with vinegar and water to kill larvae and eggs. The nest of beetles is then possible to be found. Also, you can find contaminated wool blankets and garments in basements, attics, or closets.

You should inspect carpets under and around them, as well as the edges and registers of ducts.

My pantry is infested by beetles! We are incredibly grateful for your help.

Pantry beetles are found in your pantry or kitchen. These insects can still be found in your pantry, even though they appear clean. You may also find small eggs hidden in your pantry.

Even if one larva or adult is visible, there may be many more. While pantry beetles look and behave alike, there are many species. Identifying the species, you are dealing with before you do anything is important.

Regular inspections, proper storage, and a clean environment, can help you avoid pantry beetles. Regular inspections and proper storage can prevent these bugs.

How can you deal with carpet beetles?

Tom’s Pest Control Canberra may be able to help you if everything fails. However, it may be necessary to hire someone to control the infestation. Carpet beetles, particularly their eggs, are tough creatures.

Carpet beetles are easily removed from your house. This is a common problem. It is possible to fix the problem. Let’s look at the instructions for cleaning and washing fabrics. You should now be able to remove the carpet beetle from your floors and other fabrics.

Please find out more about carpet beetles and how to eradicate them. Use an insecticide that works for you to keep your environment clean. If you are concerned about the effects of an infestation, contact us for assistance.

What causes carpet beetle infestations?

Carpet beetles are often caused by poor housekeeping. Carpet beetles, which feed on the larvae of your house, can cause serious problems. Carpet beetles can eat any animal product, including hair, silk, or wool. Poor cleaning, discoloured carpets or improper handling of animal products can lead to these materials.

Carpet beetles can infest a house in many different ways. Carpet beetles can infiltrate homes through windows and furniture. They may not even be aware of your existence.

Sometimes, it cannot be easy to eliminate them. In more complicated situations, expert assistance may be required.

Is it possible for carpet beetles to spread from one house to another?

Carpet beetles can infest furniture, fur, plants, and other household items. They can move from one house to another through windows, doors, or on objects’ surfaces. They are drawn to taxonomy.

If you suspect larvae, adult carpet beetles could be in your home. Carpet beetles love light and are often found close to light fixtures or windows.

Many households are compelled to buy synthetic-material-made carpets and apparel. Carpet beetles will not eat synthetic fibres, unfortunately. This is the only way to stop them from harming animals. Our experts will help you eliminate the beetle infestation.

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