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The level of property damage connected with borer infestation is a nightmare for a huge number of households and commercial pest control in Canberra. Do you detect a borer infestation on your property and require professional treatment? Are you looking for advanced borer pest control in Canberra to save your pest-infested property?

Welcome to Tom’s Pest Control, Canberra’s one-stop company for comprehensive pest control. Regardless of the type of property or the amount of the infestation, we have qualified pest control specialists, cutting-edge tools, and years of experience to provide the best borer treatment services. 

Our borer control experts will come to your home, complete a pest check, treat any pest issues, and provide you with suggestions and strategies for preventing future infestations.


Why Timely Borer Treatment is Essential

Borer infestations in wood can spread speedily and affect other wooden items. It has the potential to cause massive property and financial losses. As a result, professional wood borer treatment is required to prevent additional damage to your valuable furniture and belongings.

Borer infestation can cause some of the following problems, which may require immediate wood borer treatment and professional assistance to resolve:

The Borer pest lives on wood, bores a hole in it, and destroys it.

The infestation on your building’s wooden floors, walls, and other sections may damage its structural support.

It can infest and ruin vintage furniture that has been passed down through generations, resulting in permanent harm.

Pest droppings, rotting wood, and wood dust make your home appear filthy, unsanitary, and unwelcoming to company clients and visitors.

Signs of Cockroach Infestation

If you notice any of the following indicators, you can be sure that borer attacks cause your wood problems. For expert assistance, please contact us at 02 6105 9024.

  • Timber boards and floorboards are collapsing.
  • Small oval or round-shaped holes in wood and furniture.
  • Borer dust, eggs, and larvae were found under the timber products.
  • Borer larvae can sometimes be heard scraping the wood.
  • The appearance of tunnels in the wood is caused by the larvae of wood borers.
  • Wood borer larvae, eggs, and dead borers are on the floor beneath wooden items.

Wood borers, incapable of causing damage to expensive wood, eat wooden things that may have sentimental value to you and your family.


Procedure Followed By Our Cockroach Control Canberra Experts

At Tom’s Pest Control, we provide complete borer pest control in four steps. Whether you want to get rid of wood borers in your home or business, our infestation management experts will supply you with the best wood borer control services:


When you contact us with a borer control request, our Canberra based local pest control professionals will respond immediately and inspect your home.  During the examination, they will identify the borer species causing damage to your timber goods, the amount of the damage, the causes of the infestation, and other details. We will also document and keep you updated on the wood repair needs to return the property to its original condition.

Building pest Inspection
Spraying window

Pest Extermination

The exterminator will finish the treatment on your property in accordance with the wood borer treatment plan. Water-based treatment, fumigation treatments, and endotherm heat treatment are the three types of treatments.

To obtain the best possible outcomes, we normally use a mix of these methods. These treatments should also greatly minimise the likelihood of another infestation emerging in the future.

Prevention Tips

Proper prevention strategies are required to keep wood borers from returning to your area after treatment is completed to consume additional wood. We provide our customers with helpful tips to avoid future borer infestations. By keeping your surroundings neat and clean, you can limit the probability of borer infestation. 

This involves pruning trees and mowing grass and bushes on time. Repairing gaps surrounding your property helps reduce the number of entry points for wood borers. Regular inspection of furniture and other wooden objects can help prevent the occurrence of another borer attack in the near future.

professional pest control

Why Hire Tom’s Pest Control?

We value our long-term customer relationships. Our main goal is to deliver excellent pest infestation solutions that provide you peace of mind and improve the quality of your life. Some of the reasons why we surpass our competition include

  • Borer treatment services are available the same or the following day.
  • Customised treatments, upfront pricing.
  • Borer control technicians that are TAFE and APCA certified.
  • Service that is friendly, and professional.
  • Borer treatments that are safe for children and adults.
  • Guaranteed complete satisfaction.

If the pest problems at your property have not been resolved after two weeks following our service, you can contact us for FREE retreatment. Our borer control Canberra professionals will return to your property and ensure that it is completely free of infestation.

Pest control

Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes a woodborer?

If you find tiny cracks in furniture or dirt around them, it could be a sign of borer disease.

Wood borers are parasites that eat wood and wood furnishings. Many wood borers are found in Australia. While some are harmful, others can be beneficial.

The typical furniture beetle is one of the most common borers in Australia. It has a brownish-oblong shape and a 2.7 and 2.5mm length. They can leave 2-3mm wide openings when moving furniture.

What are the signs that a woodborer infestation is occurring?

It is crucial to act early to avoid more damage from wood borers. Here are some signs that you may have a woodborer problem.

  • Wood will look new and neat when it has sharp sides.
  • Placement tests are often done in timbers (sometimes called “galleries”)
  • Frass is also known as “birthed dirt” and is a type of adult beetle. It can be seen under infected wood.
  • Poor or damaged floorboards can pose a danger in very difficult situations. For example, a chair leg or foot breaking the flooring could prove fatal.
  • Wooden splintering at the edges of roofing joints and floorings
  • Dead beetles are often found on windowsills that border polluted lumber.
  • Adult beetles can emerge from wood at different times.
  • The size of an egg will vary depending on its beetle. They are, however, all difficult to see with your naked eye.
Is it possible for wood borer to be treated?

Wood borer infestations can be managed at home. In addition, borer beetle damage is treatable with both natural and artificial products.

Tom’s Pest Control Canberra believes prompt, reliable treatment is essential to minimize mishaps and protect valuable items. We can help you determine the best ways to eradicate the pest problem.

We are sensitive to the safety of your pets and family members. However, we will restore your home to its original condition as quickly as possible. Our pest control technicians will eradicate the wood borer problem.

How can I check if the Borers have ceased to be active?

To determine if Borers have energy, draw a circle around all entry/exit points located beneath or on top of the influenced timbers. Check back in three months. If they don’t create new spaces, they are considered inactive. They believe they can create new spaces to make the space more energetic.

Borers love old furniture and architectural timbers like floor covering. Therefore, it is important to inspect old furniture regularly to avoid attracting borers into a house. In addition, borer dirt can be released from contaminated timber if knocked over.

However, some openings or dirt may not indicate a borer task still in the timber. You can check for dirt manufacturing by placing paper underneath damaged timber to see if there are sufficient openings.

What is the average life expectancy of a wood borer?

Depending on the circumstances, many kinds and teams of wood-boring insects can damage and take in wood. The larval stage of these beetles is woodworms, and they are responsible for most of the damage. Longhorn borers, a combination of bark beetles (and weevils), are one of the most diverse beetle families.

The borer lives approximately three years from egg to adult. The Anobium borer is a woodborer that grows from the opening in the leaves. It then reproduces and lays its eggs.

Borer lives their longest life as a larva, grub, or grub in wood. This can cause structural damage. This is the larval phase of wood. It is then usually invested.

What can you do about borer damage?

You can do this by checking for wood powder in furniture which has been contaminated. If the powder isn’t white or doesn’t clump together, larvae may still exist.

The larvae might already have established themselves if the powder is yellowish and clumpy. However, if the problem persists, it is important to act. Chemicals can be used to treat adult beetles. You can remove the infection from your home if it isn’t active.

You can decide whether to remove the furniture if it is yours. First, you should inspect the furniture for damage or repairs that real-estate structures could have caused.

How can borers cause damage?

Wood-boring insects can be considered pests in urban and rural areas due to their destructive nature. In addition, these pests can pose a threat to residential properties in urban areas.

The most common wood-boring insects are termites, bark, wood borers, and powder post beetles. They may have been visible at the time they started to eat wood.

Adult beetles lay their eggs in holes made of wood. The larvae spend many years chewing on the wood after the eggs hatch. Because they can recycle nutrients from dead or dying trees, wood borers benefit forest ecosystems.

How can a borer get in the wood?

The wood borer larvae infiltrate wood with tiny, invisible dots. They live in wood and eat it from within.

The adult beetle has spent hours digging through the woods and is ready to go. A hole made by an adult beetle is about 1-2mm in size. The trapdoor is the last act of wood-destroying.

After three to four weeks, they stop eating wood and reproduce. After hatching, the tiny eggs become larvae and slip into the wood to create a tiny hole that is almost invisible. Then, finally, you can place the eggs on top.

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