Reliable and Affordable Commercial Pest Control Canberra

Are you running a business? Do you want your customers to return to your F&B business? If yes, you will need to have a healthy and clean environment. These elements will decide the success of your commercial space. We offer commercial pest control services for wasps, termites, rodents, bugs, ants, cockroaches, and many other pest infestations. 

Tom’s Pest Control offers advanced treatment solutions for a wide range of pests in the commercial spaces of Canberra. Our pest control Canberra service is acclaimed for a thorough inspection and effective pest removal methods. 

 We offer all-inclusive services, including a thorough inspection, long-term treatment service, and reasonable prices for various businesses in Canberra! With the help of our licensed and qualified exterminators in Canberra, we have set the benchmark for the pest treatment industry!

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Types of Commercial Pest Control Services

You will get your hands on a wide range of commercial pest control services in Canberra with us. Our services will help businesses to flourish without the presence of pests on their property. After getting our pest control services, you will have improved efficiency, better customer and employee satisfaction, and high-quality services. 

You can call us and get our:

These commercial pest control services are customisable to fulfil your pest control needs without going over the budget. We will let you customise your plan according to the level of pest infestation, pest species, and the damage within the property, regardless of the size of your business.

Apart from these commercial pest control services, our residential pest control services are also acclaimed by our customers. We offer fantastic removal and prevention services for rodents, ants, flies, cockroaches, and termites. 

Our Commercial Pest Control Procedure

We are a transparent pest control company as we inform everything to our customers about the methods and chemicals we use. We give all details about how we will proceed with the pest control service. Our process includes: 

Building pest Inspection

Commercial Pest Control Inspection

Immediately after receiving your pest control request, our certified commercial pest control exterminators will visit your place for a thorough inspection.  During the inspection, we will identify & note down the types of pests on your property and their level of infestation. We will also measure how much damage they have caused to your place.

Commercial Pest Control Treatment Plan

Based on the inspection report, we will keep your requests in mind and tailor a treatment plan to ensure pest-free premises for your business. The treatment plan will include:

  • The type of method we will be using.
  • The timeline of completion.
  • The expected results.
  • Any instructions you and your employees may need to follow. 
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The Extermination

Our pest control company’s exterminators in Canberra will complete the pest control as per their plan and on the scheduled date. Based on the pest species and the level of infestation, we may choose multiple methods, like pesticides, fumigation, traps, etc., to remove pests from your property. 

We are committed to offering a healthy and pest-free environment for our commercial clients. We also use safe and eco-friendly chemicals to provide you with the safest pest control service in Canberra. 

Ongoing Prevention

Eliminating pests from just one session is quite impossible. Hence, we offer ongoing prevention pest control services to our customers. This is an essential aspect of our services as it will ensure that pests are at bay for a long time. After completing the treatment, we may inspect your commercial premises to see traces of any infestation. Your place may require multiple levels of treatment over different days.

Our experts will give you specific tips and tricks to reduce the risk of future infestation. The following steps can help you limit various pest infestations at your property.

 Regular cleaning and maintenance of your commercial space

  • Removing any clutter from your property 
  • Properly ventilate each area of your business as damp, darker places are breeding grounds for several pests 
  • Regularly inspect your property to find traces of an infestation
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Why Choose Tom’s Commercial Pest Control Canberra?

We are the most trusted name in commercial pest control in Canberra. The reasons are simple – we provide excellent services to our customers, our rates are low, and we are very reliable. 

 We are people’s first choice pest control company because of: 

  • 100% satisfactory results 
  • Offer ideal pest control for hospitals, airports and warehouses
  • All-inclusive inspection services and upfront quotes
  • Quick same/next day pest control service
  • APCA and TAFE-certified pest control technicians
  • Local pest control teams
  • Modern tools and techniques, insured services
  • Safe, family-friendly pest removal services
  • Friendly, seamless service experience

Pest Control for Commercial Property in Canberra

Have you observed pests causing havoc on your commercial property? If yes, then it’s crucial to stop a pest infestation to maintain a healthy workplace. At Tom’s Pest Control, we provide business owners with excellent pest management in Canberra. 

We are more than capable enough to protect the structural integrity of the following commercial buildings from pests: 

  • Hospital
  • School
  • Child care & daycare centre
  • Health care
  • Nursing home
  • Retail shop
  • Gym & Theatre
  • Restaurant
  • Medical Centre
  • Pub and Café
  • Departmental Store
  • Shopping Centre
  • And other industrial sectors.

Our trained pest exterminator in Canberra practices various trapping methods to eliminate the infestation from your commercial buildings. It is the most effective way to eliminate any crawling insects. 

We truly recognise the significance of professionalism and reliability in commercial pest control. Hence, we deliver uncompromising pest control solutions at affordable prices. 

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Our regular commercial pest control can make your space look clean, healthy, and hygienic. After having it, it can help you welcome your workforce and customers in a better atmosphere. So, if you want to restore your business operation in an impeccable environment, call us on (02) 6105 9024.

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