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Are you running a business? Do you want your customers to return to your F&B business? If yes, you will need to have a healthy and clean environment and our commercial pest control can help you with that! These elements can easily make or break for your commercial space. We offer commercial pest control services for termites, birds, rodents, ants, cockroaches, as well as many other pest infestations like wasps, bedbugs and fleas. 

Tom’s Pest Control offers advanced commercial pest control treatment solutions for a wide range of pests in the commercial spaces of Canberra. Our pest control Canberra service is acclaimed for a thorough inspection and effective pest removal methods.  We offer all-inclusive commercial pest control services, including a thorough inspection, long-term treatment service, and reasonable prices for various businesses in Canberra! With the help of our licensed and qualified exterminators in Canberra, we have set the benchmark for the pest treatment industry!

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Types of Commercial Pest Control Services

Your business can benefit from a wide range of the best commercial pest control services in Canberra with us. Our commercial pest control services will help businesses to flourish without the presence of pests on their property. Customers who have chosen our pest commercial pest control have mentioned improved efficiency, better customer and employee satisfaction, and better on site hygiene practices. 

These affordable commercial pest control services are customisable to fulfil your pest control needs without going over the budget. We will let you customise your plan according to the level of pest infestation, pest species, and the damage within the property, regardless of the size of your business.

Apart from these commercial pest control services, our residential pest control services, termite control services and solar panel bird proofing services are also highly reviewed by our customers. We offer fantastic removal and prevention services for rodents, ants, flies, cockroaches, and termites.


Our Commercial Pest Control Procedure

We are a transparent pest control company, as we inform our customers about the pricing, methods and chemicals we use during our commercial pest control services. We’ll provide a fully and clearly priced pest plan before proceeding with the pest control service. Our process includes: 

1 – Contact
Reach out to us to discuss your concerns and requirements, we can arrange an on site inspection.
2 – Inspection & Quote
Once we’ve inspected (or sometimes we can offer this over the phone), you can expect a same day quote and proposed appointment dates to get your issues resolved right away.
3 – Treatment
We can book you right in to carry out the treatment ASAP or at hours that suit your business.
4 – Monthly Plans
Our customers always receive a quote for an ongoing pest plan, to stay on top of issues and ensure you’re fully compliant with local guidelines. We will always work around you, and you’ll receive a login for our online portal, where you can easily access any reports and check your next appointment day and time.

Building pest Inspection

Commercial Pest Control Inspection

Immediately after receiving your commercial pest control request, our certified commercial pest control exterminators will visit your place for a thorough inspection.  During the inspection, we will identify the types of pests on your property and their level of infestation. We will also measure any damage and potential high risk factors.

Commercial Pest Control Treatment Plan

Based on the commercial pest control inspection report, we will keep your specific requests in mind and tailor a treatment plan to ensure pest-free premises for your business. The treatment plan will include:

  • The type of methods and what products we will be using.
  • The timeline of completion.
  • The expected results.
  • Any instructions you and your employees may need to follow. 
  • Information on warranties and ongoing treatments.
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The Treatment

Our commercial pest control exterminators in Canberra will complete the pest control as per their plan and on the scheduled date. Based on the pest and the level of infestation, we may choose multiple methods, like pesticides, fumigation, traps, etc., to remove pests from your property. 

We are committed to offering a safe and pest-free environment for our commercial clients. We also use regulation compliant and eco-friendly chemicals to provide you with the safest commercial pest control service in Canberra.

Ongoing Prevention

Eliminating all pest issues forever from just one session is not realistic. Which is why we offer ongoing prevention with our commercial pest control services to our customers. This is an essential aspect of our services as it will ensure that pests are kept at bay. After completing the treatment, we will provide full documentation and recommendations for your business to stay pest free

Our experts will give you specific tips and tricks to reduce the risk of future infestation. The following steps can help you limit various pest infestations at your property:

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of your commercial space
  • Removing any pest food sources and clutter from your property 
  • Properly ventilate each area of your business as damp, darker places are breeding grounds for several pests 
  • Regularly inspect your property to find signs of any infestation
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Why Choose Tom’s Commercial Pest Control Canberra?

We are the most trusted name in commercial pest control and commercial pest treatment in Canberra. The reasons are simple – we provide excellent services to our customers, our rates are low, and we are very reliable. 

 We are people’s first choice commercial pest control company because of:

  • 100% satisfactory results 
  • Offer ideal pest control for hospitals, airports and warehouses
  • All-inclusive inspection services and upfront quotes
  • Quick same/next day pest control service
  • APCA and TAFE-certified pest control technicians
  • Local pest control teams
  • Modern tools and techniques, insured services
  • Safe, family-friendly pest removal services
  • Friendly, seamless service experience

Pest Control for Commercial Property in Canberra

Have you got pests causing havoc on your commercial property? If yes, then it’s crucial to stop a commercial pest infestation to maintain a healthy workplace. At Tom’s Pest Control, we provide business owners with excellent commercial pest management in Canberra. 

We are equipped and qualified to manage pest control services of the following commercial buildings from pests:

  • Hospital
  • School
  • Child care & daycare centre
  • Health care
  • Nursing home
  • Retail shop
  • Gym & Theatre
  • Restaurant
  • Medical Centre
  • Pub and Café
  • Departmental Store
  • Shopping Centre
  • And other industrial sectors.

Our trained commercial pest exterminators in Canberra practise various treatment methods to eliminate the infestation from your commercial buildings. 

We recognise the significance of professionalism, subtlety and reliability in commercial pest control. Which is exactly why we deliver uncompromising pest control solutions at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of commercial pest exterminators?

Commercial pest control can be costly in Australia. A one-hour service is $52; prices will vary depending on your location, location, and whom you work with. While some professionals might charge less, others may charge up to $65 per job. For more information on the charges in your area, contact your exterminator.

It is to know the costs of pest control services for residential and commercial properties. This will allow you to plan your spending. A skilled pest control specialist will be required to ensure financial security and safety.

Tom’s Pest Control Canberra is a pioneer in pest control. Our exterminators are highly skilled and employ the most modern equipment.

What are the most effective commercial pest management methods?

You have many options. However, not all of them will work for your needs. You can combine these options to get the best coverage. Each approach should always be taken in the right way.

Trap traps may be an option if you have issues with mice or rats. Combining bait and traps can be an effective way to get rid of rodents.

Pest control companies use insecticides to eliminate pest populations. Follow the instructions of your manufacturer when applying insecticides. Suppose you are uncomfortable with dealing with pest control problems at home. In that case, Our commercial pest control experts may be able to help you in this situation.

How can you inspect commercial buildings?

Effective pest-control methods must be used. Your home should be kept clean. Pest control professionals do not need to be called. It is possible to prevent pests from entering your home.

What is preparation? Let’s look at the following:

  • Dishwashers should not be placed in the sink.
  • Vacuum your home and the surrounding areas to remove any water. Vacuum regularly. Make sure your counters are clean.
  • Place perishable and non-perishable food in sealed containers if possible
  • All paper products can be discarded or saved.
  • Clothes can be stored in drawers or closets to eliminate clutter.

Tom’s Pest Control Canberra is proud to use the safest solutions. However, it is still a good idea.

How often should commercial pest control be performed?

To create a productive and safe working environment, pest control is essential.

After the last treatment, pest control should be continued for 12 more months. After that, pest control should be performed yearly to protect your home. It is possible to skip having your pest control done on weekends if you don’t want it done again next year.

In an emergency, pest treatment might be required. If you suspect a problem, it’s important to contact a professional immediately.

What is the purpose of commercial pest inspections?

Although a pest problem may appear minor, it can quickly escalate into a major problem. Pest control professionals provide the proper training to prevent situations that could threaten your health and property.

Our pest inspectors will ensure that your property is pest-free.

One of the most important tasks is to inspect the property thoroughly. Operators should inspect every area of the property, including crawlspaces. This will allow you to determine the source and extent of the infestation. In addition, clients will be informed by a competent pest control professional about how to prevent future infestations.

Why do we need commercial pest control?

Bed bugs can pose serious health threats and cause severe damage to our health. They are common in offices. They can bite and trigger allergic reactions. Additionally, mosquito bites can lead to dengue fever and malaria.

Cockroaches can cause asthma attacks and allergic reactions. Finding the best pest control company is important to eliminate these unwanted insects from your workplace. Pest control specialists are certified to handle toxic substances.

They will be able to advise you on the best chemicals to use for what situation. A commercial pest control company is essential.

What commercial pest control services can be used to benefit businesses?

You can save time and money by using commercial pest control services. Pest control companies can offer products and clean environments to your business using pest control methods. This will save you time and money.

Pest management is vital to protect commercial buildings, food, and livestock. This will make sure your employees are safe and that they produce high-quality products. This is an important aspect of your business.

You may have a hectic schedule or are responsible for many daily tasks. You might not have the time or energy to check whether pests are attacking your employees. A commercial pest control company can handle this.

What are the most common workplace pests?

Employees can bring bed bugs and cockroaches into the workplace. The pests can be brought back to work by crawling. Multiple pests can pose a danger to an industrial structure. For example, rats and mice can chew wires to set fires.

Persistent pests and flies can damage your company’s reputation. In addition, cockroaches can also transmit viruses, germs, and other diseases. This could present several health risks.

Pests can spread pathogens and parasites. Keeping pests away from food storage, processing, and handling is crucial. Tom’s Pest Control Canberra will help you identify the best methods to control and improve existing pests.

How do you manage cockroaches in a restaurant?

Here are some methods to eliminate cockroaches in food establishments:

  • Seal cracks in walls and lock the doors often to keep roaches out of your restaurant.
  • Food must be inspected before being sent to the postal office.
  • Keep food at least six inches from walls to prevent roaches from crawling on it
  • Equipment should not be brought to the surface or raised above six inches.
  • Clean your home and dispose of all waste.

You can prevent these pests by cleaning out your restaurant and sealing any openings or cracks they may find. Then, if you still have problems, call our pest control specialists.

How often should restaurants use pest control?

Pest infestations can seriously damage restaurants. Pest infestations can seriously damage restaurants. Pest infestations can cause serious damage to restaurants. Therefore, treating your restaurant for pests no less than once per three months is best.

Many factors can influence the frequency of pest treatment. A pest control specialist can help determine how often your restaurant should receive treatment.

Expert pest control in Canberra can assess your situation and recommend the best action plan.

What are your biggest concerns about pests in restaurants?

Unhygienic conditions can also be applied to mice and rats. This can result in contamination, poor food safety audit results, and reputational damage.

Only registered pest control professionals are allowed to contact restaurant owners. However, they can inspect the premises and find any pest activity. It is, therefore, crucial to keep up-to-date food safety laws.

Restaurant owners and managers must teach their staff about basic sanitation, pest management, and how to keep them safe. Many pest control companies offer education to employees. These actions can help institutions avoid violating health code regulations. They can also help maintain a positive reputation.

What does pest management mean for restaurants?

Pest management is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional pest control, which often uses pesticides. Pest management focuses on pest prevention, and pesticides are only used when necessary.

Restaurants are great places to attract pests in many ways. Restaurants offer shelter and water as well as food and water. Many people can also enter through open doors. These open doors can make it easy for pests to enter food-service establishments. There is no cure.

To manage pests in food establishments, long-term pest management strategies are possible. This strategy is more efficient and lasts for a longer time. In addition, restaurants can also employ proactive pest monitoring and prevention methods to prevent pest problems and ensure compliance with regulations.

Why is pest control important for an office environment?

Many types of office bugs could infect your workplace. For example, they can infect your office by eating your paper and boxes and even causing structural damage.

Pest control is essential to keep your office productive. Your office can be kept productive and happy by pest control. In addition, it will make a difference in your overall performance.

The best way to eliminate bugs in your office is to hire a commercial pest control company. However, pests must be handled with extreme caution. Therefore, we evaluate every client’s needs before sending one of our highly skilled project inspectors to their office.

What's the purpose of pest management in the food industry?

For a healthy environment, pest management is vital. But unfortunately, pests can attract delicious foods, leading to food safety issues and contamination.

Rodents and other pests can also infest food. Rodents can also infest food outlets, wiring, and containers. Rodents can also cause customers to be less trustful of your products or services.

Pests can live happily in food establishments as long as they have food and shelter. This allows them to reproduce and thrive. Unfortunately, pests can also cause environmental damage and threaten consumers’ health. Therefore, it is important to eliminate them.

What are the requirements for controlling pests in food storage and preparation areas?

Good manufacturing practices are essential for pest management.

Pests can spread many pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. As a result, customers and employees of food production and management companies could be affected. They can also infect finished goods or raw materials with faeces, body parts, feathers, shed hair and nesting material.

Many pests can be found in food processing plants. They can be found in many places at different temperatures. The most common are cockroaches and moths. Brown rats can also cause severe damage to sewers or structures.

How can I prevent pest infestation of food industry products?

Pests can cause damage to products and regulatory action. This can create problems in public relations for the food distribution and processing industry. However, there are many ways to save time and money.

If you fail to address pest and hygiene issues, your products and reputation could be damaged. Therefore, pest management is an essential part of any strategy that ensures the safety and quality of food products.

Pest control experts can bring many benefits. Pest control experts can help improve brand image, customer satisfaction and food safety. It also reduces product loss. Product prices will rise when effective pest control is in place.

How can you eliminate pests from a warehouse?

These are just a few ways to eliminate pests in your warehouse.

  • Learn more about the most common pests that infest warehouse environments. Cigarette beetles, for example, love large, dark spaces like warehouses because they are attracted to them. But unfortunately, they are also attracted to weevils and Indian meal moths.
  • Warehouses need floor drains. These drains are important because they help to control moisture in large areas. In addition, these drains should be drained to keep pests like flies and spiders away.
  • Don’t let trash accumulate. It’s tempting to eat the food stored in warehouses. However, you can eliminate leftovers by regularly emptying your trash cans.
  • Keep your dumpsters and trash cans clean when not in use. Keep them out of doors and windows.
How can you keep shopping centres pest-free?

It is not easy to envision pest control in shopping malls. There are many ways to get into the area and numerous sewers. Undergrounds, basements, and restaurants are all common. Different pests will attract different areas. Advertisers face this daily problem.

It is vital to monitor for pest issues if you have unhappy customers, damaged goods, or employees.

Pest control programs employ preventive and proactive methods to minimize the pest population’s need for food, shelter and water. Pest control specialists will inspect your retail environment for rodents or insects that could threaten customers.

What should food handlers do when they discover mouse droppings in food storage?

You must remove all dead cockroaches and mouse droppings from the area. Pests can also be attracted to food that isn’t on the ground.

Use a strong, gnaw-resistant substance to seal any cracks or openings that rats may have access to your property

Protect all windows, doors, and windows from insects. Any cracks below them should also be sealed.

  • All cracks and crevices where cockroaches may have been found should be sealed.
  • Cover the toilet with towels and fix any leaks.
  • All food eaten by rats, mice, and cockroaches should be removed.
  • Get a professional to inspect your home and make treatment suggestions.

Tom’s Pest Control Canberra will be the best choice if you don’t have a pest control professional.

How do you manage pests in agriculture?

Only use pesticides when necessary. It is best to cultivate resistant crops and plants. Using biological methods to kill pests and introduce parasites or predators is also a good idea.

Primary producers risk pests and diseases that could impact their agricultural productivity and market access. The best methods for controlling pests are biological, chemical, and physical.

Crop protection would not be effective if half the world’s crop yields were lost to diseases, insects, or weeds. Pesticides are vital. Farmers need pesticides to ensure they produce more food in a smaller space.

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