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Foxes do not just pose threats to humans, but they can also harm other animals and agricultural products. If we talk about the impact of foxes’ presence, they cause a serious threat to the farming industry. They can also kill your domesticated animals and bring a loss to a great extent.

The common issues associated with foxes in Canberra include fouling, noise, and burrowing up the gardens and other places. If you are concerned about your pets and cattle safety, you should contact Tom’s Pest Control Canberra.

We offer a wide range of fox control services in Canberra and nearby suburbs. We have professionals who are certified and highly skilled in fox trapping using advanced equipment and techniques. We do everything to keep your residential and commercial property fox-free. We ensure the safety of your family, pets, employees, and agricultural land from foxes.

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Damage Caused By Fox Infestation

In Australia, you will find a high number of European red foxes. It is so because these types of foxes can easily adapt to urban environments and deserts and can live in such places comfortably. Foxes are used to being active during the night and are usually found asleep in the daytime. The damages to your property and other belongings associated with these pests include:

  • Foxes are more likely to be dangerous pests for sheep, poultry, and other domesticated animals. Foxes in the area mean a high threat to the farming and poultry industries.
  • They are also dangerous for horticultural crops and irrigation systems.
  • Various marsupial species in Australia are in great danger due to these aggressive pests.
  • In addition to domesticated animals, foxes also cause serious threats to turtles, birds, and others.
  • As per some studies, it is found that foxes can spread Australian bat lyssavirus (ABLV) to humans and other animals as well.

Signs of Fox Infestation

As said earlier, foxes are more active at night and are hardly seen during the daytime, so you need to take the help of professional fox trapping Canberra services. Though identifying fox infestation is a little difficult, some signs can indicate the presence of one or more foxes in or around your property. Once you notice any of these signs, contact Tom’s Pest Control immediately for fox removal Canberra service. We will do the inspection and perform the most effective treatment on the same or the next day.

  • If you see paw prints in your backyard or in the garden, inspect for more prints for a few days to confirm that you have a fox infestation on your property.
  • If you find some plants, such as vegetables and fruits, missing, it can be due to the presence of the pest animal.
  • If there are holes in the garden or backyard, there may be a fox invasion.
  • If you find any of your cattle or small pets missing, it may be due to the presence of the fox. You must know that foxes attack livestock even if they have enough sources of food.
  • Fox also searches for the food in the garbage. There may be a fox invasion if there is garbage outside the bin.

Our Approach To Fox Removal in Canberra

At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer various fox control services for residential and commercial properties in Canberra. We follow a systematic approach for fox trapping Canberra and also work on eliminating any future infestations.


We have certified fox removal professionals who will inspect your property to find the possible habitats of a fox. We will also look for the possible things that foxes can attack in and around your property. We follow all safety measures to evaluate everything. We are committed to keeping your animals and crops safe from red foxes.

We also focus on determining their population, the level of damage, and other details to create the most effective fox removal treatment plan.

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Fox Removal Treatment Plan

Based on the inspection details, we will work on creating a fox removal treatment plan. We aim to eliminate or reduce the fox population around your area. Our treatment plan will also include protecting your animals from pests. We will let you know the entire process, the treatment timeline, expected results, as well as other instructions.

We will explain to you the whole treatment plan and keep everything transparent. We ensure that you will be happy with our fully informed fox trapping service.

The Extermination

To remove foxes from your surroundings, we use various procedures to get the best outcome in a short time. Our different fox removal methods will include the combination of fox trapping, poison baiting, fencing, shooting, and others.

Generally, one method for fox removal is not enough to control the fox population. So, we prefer choosing the combination of these methods that make our job more effective and safer.

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Ongoing Prevention

Do you know that foxes move speedily within their habitat? So, it becomes important to follow long-term prevention techniques to limit their numbers in your area. Our ongoing prevention tips will also protect your livestock and pets from a fox attack. Our prevention tips to reduce the fox population include:

  • Never keep food accessible to the foxes, such as food scraps, pet food, etc.
  • Keep your garden and yard always clean. Also, make sure to remove the clutter regularly.
  • You should use garbage cans with tight lids and empty them on a regular basis.
  • If there is an orchard in your garden, keep it clean and well-maintained. Also, there should never be a piling of fallen fruits.

Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control?

Tom’s Pest Control has years of experience in offering fox control services in and around Canberra. Our expertise, knowledge, and proficiency help us to understand your needs perfectly. We ensure to execute each service with high accuracy and professionalism.

  • Same day or next day fox removal treatment
  • Safe and environmentally-friendly procedure
  • TAFE and APCA-certified technicians
  • Obligation-free upfront quotes
  • Personalised treatment plan
  • 100% customer satisfaction
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does fox pest control mean?

Even though they aren’t considered dangerous, foxes can transmit disease to pets and their families. As a result, farmers, particularly poultry farms, can find foxes a problem. In addition, foxes can injure or kill small animals and pets.

Let’s suppose that none of these solutions works. In this instance, professional fox control specialists may be necessary.

Lethal baiting, trapping, trapping foxes, shooting trapping and fumigating dens are the most common methods of managing foxes. These methods, however, have not been fully evaluated by Australia, as we mentioned.

Why is Fox Control important?

According to the Biosecurity and Agricultural Management Act 2007 Western Australia (the Act), foxes can be a pest. To reduce their negative effects, they must be controlled throughout the state.

You can find red foxes almost anywhere in Victoria. You can find red foxes almost anywhere in Victoria. Multiple control methods are better. Also, it is important to think about the entire community and not just individual houses.

Fox capturing companies provide many services to help you get rid of your dog. Our specialists are experts in trapping foxes. Respect must be shown to the animal by the state or territory legislation.

How can I tell if I have Fox problems?

To determine their extent, it is essential to prove that foxes caused the loss. Other predators must also be excluded, such as wild dogs/dingoes or feral cats.

Because foxes hunt at night, you won’t find them killing. So instead, look for other indicators of involvement. For example, you can identify if paw prints have detected the fox. Because the pads of a Fox are easily distinguishable from other predators or dogs, it is possible to tell which one they are.

It is crucial to examine the carcasses to determine the cause of death.

What is included in the Fox Trapping Service?

Foxes can be caught in urban and semi-rural areas, where poison baiting is inappropriate. Trapping is an effective way to manage obtrusive wildlife. However, it is not recommended for the general management of foxes.

Cage traps work better in residential and urban areas than leg-hold traps. This is because non-target animals can be released with minimal injury. In addition, the capture of foxes can be transferred to another area for extermination.

Tom’s Pest Control Canberra provides fox control services for residential and commercial properties. This four-step process will decrease the chance of foxes invading your property.

What is the reason foxes are coming to my property, and why?

Foxes are fond of food like pet food, bird seeds and yard waste. Foxes can build dens under patios, sheds, or decks.

Please avoid direct contact with foxes as they are very suspicious of humans. Many parasites and germs can be transmitted to humans by foxes. Some of these can be passed on to pets, while others can be transmitted through excrement. For example, echinococcus multilocularis, a new disease, affects canid tap worms.

Fox removal specialists will inspect your property for potential hiding places. We’ll determine the type of prey that foxes may be seeking in your area.

How do I get rid of foxes in my yard?

To make the mixture, boil the garlic, chilli pepper, water, and salt. Then, spray the mixture all over. Foxes are not welcome in your garden. This natural repellent will get rid of foxes from your yard.

You can also install an automatic water pistol. These tools can be used to deter foxes from your garden. These systems need strong water pressure to be connected to your hosepipe. A battery can power the motion sensor for as long as needed.

Imagine that you have trouble managing dense fox populations. Our fox eradication efforts may help in these cases.

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