Fumigation Services in Canberra

At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer fumigation services to eliminate minor to major pest infestation on your property. So, if you are struggling with a stubborn pest infestation in your home or commercial property, call us anytime.

When you need fast, reliable fumigation Canberra services, give us a call and relax. Our expert exterminators will deal with any type and kind of pest infestation and ensure that they won’t return for the foreseeable future. Fumigation is a service where we will control the pests by using fumes.

It is one of the methods used to control and eradicate pests for good. However, pest control professionals do not use it frequently as it is used to control commodity pests and export material. It is a hazardous process and generally requires a legal permit; the operator carrying the fumigation operation needs to have all the required certificates.

The good news is that our trained exterminators have all the documents qualifying them as trained experts. So, they can perform the needed fumigation while being aware and cautious about knowing how to handle the chemicals, which are toxic to most forms of life.


What is Fumigation?

Before choosing fumigation for pest control, let’s understand what it is? It is the process where chemical smoke is released to kill pests like insects or rodents. One can also remove a termite infestation with the help of this procedure. Fumigation services fill the air with poison gas. It is the process that must be performed in a controlled but empty space. In simpler terms, for fumigation, you’ll have to leave your home/business and bring your pets with you. Our exterminators, meanwhile, will perform the necessary procedure. In Canberra, the cost of fumigation treatment and protection services vary between a couple of hundred dollars to couple of thousand dollars. However, this is not a fixed sum, as it will depend on your property’s size and type. The price of the entire house fumigation will depend on several factors.

Commercial Fogging Sanitisation and Disinfection

Are you looking for an effective, efficient, and affordable disinfection? Do you need sterilisation or deodorisation at your commercial property? If yes, call Tom’s Pest Control and gets the best fumigation in Canberra.

We will help you get rid of unwanted pests or bacteria and provide you with a thorough sanitisation process. Our commercial fogging is one of the most popular services as we effectively use gas to eliminate any contamination.

We will help you maintain a healthy indoor environment by utilising commercial fogging when you choose us. It will fulfil the sanitisation purpose and diminish the risk of bacteria transferring from person to person.

We use all the high-quality disinfectants and spray throughout the room. With us, you will get:

Commercial Fumigation

Over time, the atmosphere of commercial spaces like stores and offices may deteriorate or become unclean. It creates the perfect environment for nasty pests to make their nests in your offices and infest the area.

To help you deal with this issue, choose our fumigation Canberra service. We offer the most professional and safe fumigation services to our customers. We have years of experience under our belts. We will help you create a healthier, more hygienic environment for your workforce.


Industrial Fumigation

A pest infestation can be a nightmare for a range of industries. It can affect your day-to-day operations, but it can also risk your employees’ health. To save your industry from this hassle, we at Tom’s Pest Control Canberra offer fumigation services at reasonable rates. Whether you’re using a warehouse or a larger facility, we will help you with affordable and reliable fumigation services.

Choosing the best company is very necessary as fumigation is a complicated process. So, when you select a professional company like us, you need not have to worry as we will go above and beyond with our fumigation services. We aim to provide you with a pest control service that can fully satisfy you. Take back the reigns of your workspace from the insects when you pair up with Tom’s Pest Control!

Our Fumigation Procedure

We are a transparent pest control company and offer customers insight into our processes. Our fumigation service consists of various steps that we complete in detail. We aim to eradicate pests from your commercial and residential properties using fumigation.

Our fumigation Canberra service relies on three primary stages:


In the first step, our team will protect the belongings from the fumigation process. It will include covering possessions like furniture, food, or other valuable items with a tarp. It will ultimately ensure that these items are shielded from hazardous gases.

commercial spray
Spray cabinet


Once everything has been prepared, we’ll begin with the fumigation services. Gas is released into the impacted area. It will eliminate all types of pests. The site is then controlled to ensure the fumigation reaches all the infested zones.

The execution time will depend on how extensive the pest infestation is. In extreme cases, fumigation services can take a couple of days – during which no one will be allowed to enter the vicinity.


Once our experts are confident that all pests have been eliminated from the property, we will start the restoration process. We will ensure that the property is ventilated and all the gas has been released.

Then, we will place all of your belongings back into their position. Once our exterminators are sure about the air quality, you’ll be allowed to go back into your space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fogging disinfection?

It refers to releasing fog into a room that contains fine droplets of disinfectant. It is an all-inclusive way to clean surfaces that would be difficult to reach. With the help of fogging, you will be able to eradicate the area of any bacteria or dirt wholly.

In industrial spaces, fogging disinfection may be used to stop contamination and encourage cleaner, healthier practices among the workforce. One can also seek it for sanitising residential buildings. At Tom’s Pest Control, we will ensure that the process is effective and all the fog is ventilated before you enter and start using your space again.

Trust and choose our team at Tom’s Pest Control for effective fogging disinfection. We will work on improving the overall sanitisation!

What is the average Fumigation cost Canberra?

In Canberra, the cost of fumigation treatment and protection services vary between a couple of hundred dollars to couple of thousand dollars. However, it is not fixed as your house’s size will play a huge role in deciding prices. The price of whole house fumigation will depend on several other factors. Plus, other components like what kind of pest removal you need and how complex the infestation has become.

We at Tom’s Pest Control aim to keep our prices in check so that you can have better access to our quality pest control services. Give us a call to discuss prices.

Which gas is used for fumigation?

The most common chemical used for the fumigation process in Australia is phosphine gas. It is essential for homes and commercial properties to control the phosphine within the space long enough to eliminate pest infestation properly.

It is a highly toxic and reactive gas. Hence, the area needs to be wholly ventilated after the fumigation process. It is done to ensure that the site is safe for people to inhabit again.

Hence, it would be best to choose a team of experts for the fumigation. At Tom’s Pest Control, we will offer you the most experienced and reliable fumigation process. We will ensure that your area is protected and properly maintained.

Will fumigation kill roaches?

Cockroaches hide in dark corners and cracks that we can’t easily reach. It is where fumigation will deliver the most effective outcomes. Fumigation will eradicate cockroaches from whichever area the gas traverses during the process since it will reach places we wouldn’t be able to get.

It is crucial to act as fast as possible when tackling a cockroach infestation, as delaying the process may result in long-term consequences. However, you need not worry when you choose us. Our team is well-trained and licensed in tackling the roaches’ problem with the help of comprehensive fumigation services.

Does fumigation kill mould?

Fumigation can tackle mould particles and eradicate any lingering smells attached to their build-up. However, the fumigation process is not used as a mould reduction solution because it doesn’t altogether remove it. Hence, it is essential to use fumigation or fogging and other mould removal services.

Contact Tom’s Pest Control, and we will provide you with the best solution for mould removal

Will fumigation kill spiders?

Yes, fumigation can kill spiders and eradicate a wide range of pests and unwanted critters. Finding spiders around the house or workplace can be a nightmarish situation that you must check immediately.

If not dealt with properly, it could lead to a range of other problems in future. So, for the spider removal needs, call Tom’s Pest Control. Our fumigation service will shield your home against spider infestation and keep your environment safe and clean. For further information regarding our fumigation for spider infestation, call us today!

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    Fumigation is a hazardous process, and you should always consult a professional pest control company. It is why at Tom’s Pest Control, we offer you the best fumigation in Canberra. Call us on (02) 6105 9024 , and get the safest, most affordable, and most reliable fumigation services!

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