2024: How Much Does Pest Control Cost in Canberra

Pest Control Cost in Canberra

Costs for Pest Control Treatments in Canberra for 2024

Dealing with a pest infestation is never a fun time. It is unhygienic and can also affect your family’s convenience and health. It’s even worse when it infects your commercial property, as you risk turning customers away and earning a bad reputation.  

In Canberra, there are many unique species of pests, with around nine species commonly infesting homes and properties. In this article, we will explore these nine common pests and discuss the average pest control in Canberra. 

Summary Of Pest Control Treatment Cost 

Here are the costs of pest control services in Canberra for the top nine most common pests and more: 

Pest Control Services Pest Control Cost 
Termite InspectionStarting from $249 (lowest price)
Residential Rodent Treatment Starting from $199 (Quick Response Time)
Wasps Removal Starting from $169
Mosquito Control Starting from $199
Bird control & Solar Panel Bird ProofingStarting from $350
Ant Treatments Starting from $139.00 (Full Internal & External Ant Treatment)
Cockroach Treatment Starting from $169
Spider Control Starting from $169
Bed Bugs Control Starting from $299
Same Day Pest ControlGreat Price $119 (The Most Affordable Pest Control Service)

Bed Bugs Control Cost

Bed bugs are among the most frustrating pests to deal with. These insects feed off your blood. When they bite, an anticoagulant substance is injected to prevent blood clotting, resulting in pain, and itching at the bite site.  

These discomforts can disrupt your sleep and affect your overall well-being. Moreover, some individuals may experience allergic reactions to their bites, leading to further complications. From mattresses, pillows, bedding to couches, you can observe bed bugs everywhere.  

Their small size and ability to reproduce rapidly allow these bugs to spread quickly throughout your home. Due to their resilience, professional help is often required to eliminate them completely. To ensure the best bed bug treatment in Canberra, contact the experienced Tom’s Pest Control experts. 

Ant Control Cost  

Although ants are often harmless, dealing with a large infestation can be quite bothersome. They are usually found in areas where food is stored. If your ant infestation has gone out of control, it is advisable to seek professional assistance.  

Our comprehensive ant exterminator treatment targets all ants, including the ant queen, ensuring the eradication of the entire colony. In Canberra, our ant control cost starts from just $139.00 (Full Internal & External Ant Treatment). However, the cost can vary depending on the type of ant removal or ant issue you have.  

However, additional services may be required to address the underlying causes of the ant infestation. For example, if the ants are entering your property through cracks or gaps in the foundation or walls, sealing these entry points may be necessary to prevent future infestations. These supplementary services can contribute to the overall residential pest control cost. 

Cockroach Prevention and Control Cost

Canberra’s drier climate and cold winters that made it less favourable for cockroaches, however, these resilient creatures can still invade your home or business – bringing disease with them. The most found species in Canberra are the German, Oriental and Australian cockroaches. These pests can contaminate food and surfaces with disease-causing bacteria, leading to the spread of illnesses such as salmonella and gastroenteritis.  Additionally, cockroach allergens can trigger asthma attacks and other allergic reactions, particularly in sensitive individuals. For minor infestations, you can consider home remedies such as traps and bottled pesticides. However, larger infestations require the expertise of a general pest spray service. Our affordable cockroach control cost in Canberra begins from $169, designed to be within your budget so everyone can live in a cockroach-free premises.

Rodent Removal Cost

Rodents not only bring a variety of diseases but also cause damage to properties. It is crucial to address rodent infestations promptly to avoid health issues. Here you can consider DIY mouse pest control methods like sealing entry points, using snap traps or eliminating food sources.

If you notice signs of rodent infestations, such as scratching noises, unusual odours, or rodent droppings, it is recommended to contact our team of pest control experts. Our professional rodent control treatment includes everything from mouse control inspection, planning and processing to prevention.

In Canberra, our residential rodent control cost starts from just $199. Call on (02) 6105 9024 and get your home inspected by our specialists before the mice infestation spreads.  We have transparent pricing packages with zero hidden charges. 

Spider Control and Treatment Cost 

While most spiders are harmless and beneficial as they prey on other pests, some species can be venomous and threaten human health. It is crucial to identify the types of spiders commonly found in Canberra to assess the level of risk and determine the appropriate course of action for adequate control.

General pest sprays can effectively exterminate spiders, cockroaches, and up to 10 pests. For the removal of venomous spider species, immediate professional assistance is recommended. The spider control team at Tom’s Pest Control Canberra employ targeted treatments to ensure maximum effectiveness in controlling spider populations.

We also remove spider webs and clean affected areas to eliminate eggs or hidden spiders. This step is crucial for preventing future infestations. Our spider control cost starts from just $169. You can learn about our affordable spider control services by visiting us.

Bird Control and Solar Panel Bird Proofing Cost

Certain bird species, such as pigeons, sparrows, starlings, and Mynas, are considered pests in Australia. They can cause damage to your property when they nest in undesirable locations, such as roofs and gutters. Therefore, considering bird pest control treatments becomes necessary.

When it comes to bird control, it’s essential to consider the expenses involved. Whether dealing with solar panel bird proofing or pigeon removal, understanding the costs associated with bird control services is crucial. In Canberra, our cost of bird control services starts from $350.

Many factors affect the bird control cost, including location, type of birds, the extent of the infestation, access challenges, required solutions, and much more. However, the factors determining the solar panel bird proofing cost differ, like the number of panels, layout and configuration, type of protection, installation, and maintenance.  

Mosquito Pest Control Cost

Mosquito control can be a continuous effort. Regular treatments and ongoing maintenance may be needed to achieve long-term results. Our pest control expert implements effective mosquito control strategies to eliminate or minimise their breeding sites.

To avoid future infestation, ensure proper drainage to prevent the accumulation of stagnant water around your property, as this can attract mosquitoes. You can also prevent mosquitoes from entering your living spaces by installing window and door screens.

Our average cost of pest control starts from $199. The frequency and duration of treatments can impact the overall mosquito control cost. Here, the size of your property and its layout complexity also play a vital role in determining mosquito treatment expenses.

Wasp Control and Treatment Cost

Spotting a wasp hive on your property should prompt an immediate call to a professional pest control service. Wasp stings can be dangerous, and attempting to remove these dangerous creatures is not recommended. Our team of skilled exterminators in Canberra can help you eliminate pests and prevent future infestations.

Our expert pest control wasp removal cost starts at $169. The costs associated with wasp pest control vary depending on the type of pest and the severity of the infestation. When it comes to addressing your pest problems, hiring our affordable and professional services in Canberra can provide you with accurate pricing and practical solutions. Our team is dedicated to delivering effective results, ensuring that you receive the assistance you need to tackle pests effectively and efficiently.

How Is the Cost of Commercial Pest Control Determined? 

Regarding commercial pest control, the cost is not fixed and can vary depending on several key elements. Understanding these factors can help businesses make informed decisions when seeking pest control solutions. Commercial pest control costs are determined based on several key factors such as: –

  • Size of the Premises

Commercial spaces come in various sizes, from small offices to large warehouses. The larger the area that needs treatment, the more resources and time will be required to address the pest infestation effectively. Here our pest control experts consider the square footage and layout of the premises to estimate the scope of the job accurately. We often provide customised quotes after assessing the business’s specific needs. 

  • Level of Pest Infestation 

The severity of the pest infestation is a critical factor influencing the cost of commercial pest control. Our pest exterminators assess the extent of the infestation to determine the resources, equipment, and treatments necessary for effective pest eradication. By evaluating the level of pest activity, we can devise targeted strategies and provide accurate cost estimates. 

  • Frequency of Service 

Some businesses may opt for one-time treatments to address existing infestations, while others prefer scheduled visits to prevent future pest problems. Routine inspections and proactive pest management programs help ensure long-term protection against pests. Thus, more frequent visits can incur additional costs.  

Are Tenants or Landlords Typically Responsible for the Cost of Pest Control in Apartments? 

When it comes to pest control in apartments, determining the responsibility for covering the associated costs can often be a source of confusion and disputes. Whether tenants or landlords bear the financial burden of pest control services depends on various factors and can vary based on different scenarios. Some major situations are mentioned below: – 

    • Tenancy Agreements and Lease Contracts 

The first and foremost factor determining the responsibility for pest control costs in apartments is the language and provisions outlined in the tenancy agreements or lease contracts. These legally binding documents establish the tenant and landlord’s rights and obligations. 

    • Pre-Existing Infestations

Landlords are always responsible for addressing and resolving pest issues before the tenant’s occupancy. As part of routine property upkeep, they need to safeguard the premises against typical pests in the area and arrange for pest control measures to be implemented. 

What Are the Benefits of an In-Wall Pest Control System? 

Traditional pest control methods often involve surface-level treatments that can leave gaps in protection, allowing pests to find their way into hidden areas. In-wall pest control systems take a proactive approach, strategically placing pest control measures within the walls.  You can specifically target problem areas or high-risk zones by installing this pest control system. It is designed to focus on vulnerable entry points, such as doors, windows, and utility openings. Once installed, the system remains active, providing an ongoing deterrent against pests. This eliminates frequent pest control visits, saving you time and money in the long run. For more information on in-wall pest control systems, kindly contact us at (02) 6105 9024. 

Is It Necessary for Restaurants in Canberra to Invest in Our Pest Control Services? 

Pests, such as rodents, cockroaches, and flies, can pose serious health risks in restaurants. They can contaminate food, surfaces, and utensils with disease-causing pathogens, leading to foodborne illnesses. A single instance of contamination can have severe consequences, including negative reviews, loss of customers, and potential legal repercussions.   As per the report, food companies must adhere to the Food Standards Code when manufacturing, preparing, handling, storing and serving food and drinks. These health and safety regulations require restaurants to adhere to strict standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Therefore, investing in pest control services is crucial to preventing health and safety hazards. 


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