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Mites are the kind of pests that can cause plenty of damage to agriculture and also pose health risks. Some mite species, such as dust mites, are more likely to trigger allergies. Also, a bird mite, otherwise known as black mites, can cause irritation and frustration in your home or business. When dealing with a mite infestation at your home or business, you should act immediately before the situation worsens. Whichever type of mite may infest your residential or commercial property, dealing with it can be frustrating. At Tom’s Pest Control Canberra, we specialise in providing a wide range of mites control Canberra services. If you experience any issue related to mites, simply give us a call, and we will assist you with the best mite bites treatment. We have helped hundreds of Canberra homeowners and businesses with black mite removal and other related services. We can eliminate any type of mites and make your property mites-free completely.


Types of Pest Mites Found in Canberra

There are several species of mites present in Australia. Most of the mites are not pests and also are not harmful to humans and animals. At the same time, some of the other mite species are pests and can cause damage to humans or their habitats. Here, some of the common pest mite species found in Canberra are:

  • Dust mites
  • Bird mites
  • Chigger mites
  • Spider mites
  • Scabies mites
  • Predatory mites
  • And many more

All of these species have their own traits and cause damage to humans and their habitats differently. We offer mites treatment for all mite species in Canberra. We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to remove mites from your property.

Why You Need Mites Control Canberra Services?

  • The bites of bird mites & rodent mites are dangerous to humans and cause itching and rashes. It may also lead to further complications and cause major skin infection issues in some cases. 
  • When scabies mites bite you, it causes allergic reactions, itching, and even threadlike marks on wrists, elbows, and other body parts.
  • Dust mites cause dust allergies to humans and also trigger respiratory problems. The droppings of dust mites can also lead to asthma and skin reactions, especially when you regularly contact these pests.
  • You may experience irritation, red marks, and itching on a particular area due to the bites of chigger mites. They are also known for causing scrub typhus, one kind of deadly fever.
  • Though spider mites do not pose any harmful damage to humans, they attack your garden, ornamental plants, and more.
  • Stored product mites are generally harmful to people who work in the food processing and packaging industry. Though the usage of advanced preventive measures has reduced the effects of mites, some people may still experience skin itching and irritation on some parts of their bodies.

If you experience any minor allergy to your skin, you can use an anti-itching cream to treat it. But, for major skin reactions, you should consult a doctor immediately. Also, don’t forget to call Tom’s Pest Control for a complete mite treatment and prevent further pest issues.


Our Mites Control Procedure in Canberra

At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer mites control and elimination services at the best prices. We aim to protect your family and pets from mite infestation. We follow a four-step procedure to provide highly effective results to our customers.


Inspection of the infested property is one of the essential steps in the mite treatment procedure. Our licensed and experienced professionals will visit your home or business. We will inspect your property thoroughly and find the root cause of the mite infestation. We will identify the type of mite species, the level of infestation, the caused damage, and many other factors.

This information helps in creating a treatment plan. Our inspection reports include detailed information, photographs, and some necessary instructions.

Building pest Inspection
Spraying window

Mites Treatment Plan

Once we get all details from the inspection, we will create a customised treatment plan. It will be based on the findings and the severity of the infestation. The inspection reports help us develop a plan that best suits your needs, budget, and purpose. We will create the treatment procedure, the timeline to complete the treatment, the expected results, and other details within this step.

We will let you know everything that we have included in the treatment plan. We will keep all details transparent. We will also guide you with the practical precautionary measures that you need to follow during the treatment process. You are also free to ask any question you want.

The Extermination

This step will see us working on the treatment process as per the plan. We use different methods depending on the type of mite infestation on your property. We also combine some methods to get the best outcome in some situations. These methods can make use of insecticides, sprays, fogging, and others. Our pest control experts keep all health aspects in mind while executing these methods.

Whether there is a black mite removal or other mites treatment, we are committed to using safe and environmentally-friendly products. Your and your family’s health and safety are our topmost priority.

professional pest control

Ongoing Prevention

We are not just limited to offering mites control services. We also provide highly beneficial prevention tips to give you long-lasting results from our mite treatment. These tips will also help in preventing mite infestation in the future. If you want to enjoy the benefits of our services for a long, follow these tips:

  • There should be proper ventilation in the dark corners of your home or business.
  • Make sure to clean and maintain your property on a regular basis.
  • Make a habit of cleaning clutter regularly.
  • You should wash clothes and bedding regularly.

Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control?

We use the latest equipment and techniques to eliminate pests from any residential and commercial properties. Our experience, services, and professionalism make us stand out among the competitors. Our mite control services in Canberra outshine our competitors and make us able to exceed our customers’ expectations.

  • Same-day or next day mites treatment
  • Safe and eco-friendly mite removal procedure
  • Obligation-free quotes
  • Comprehensive services at reasonable prices
  • Follow standard business ethics
  • Custom treatment plan
  • Licensed and professional technicians
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common mite types?

They measure 0.04 inches (1mm) in size, so it is not surprising that I see them often. Scientists believe there are at most 48,000 mite species worldwide.

Clover Mites include House Dust Mites (Itch Mites), Clover Mites (House Dust Mites), Itch Mites (Itch Mites), and Chiggers. Scabies Mites can also be called Rodent Mites. Another type of mite is the bird mite. While mites are not as obvious as their spider kin, they are just as valuable as their spider kin.

Acari is an arachnid class that includes the human-itching mite (or hominins). It is part of the Sarcoptidae family. The stratum Corneum is the outermost layer that mites can’t penetrate. The most common places mites reside are in kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms.

What mite control methods can you offer?

A routine Syringe is an effective method to control cultural mites. It protects natural predators.

Cultural Control provides quarantine and inspection. Infected plants and beds can spread two-spotted spider mites. When buying new plants, make sure to inspect the bottom of each leaf for mite activity. You might consider separating new home plants from existing plants until you are certain there aren’t mites.

Tom’s Pest Control Canberra employs a 4-stage treatment plan to create a healthy environment. First, pest control specialists will remove mites the same day you call us. Then, we offer cost-effective mite treatments that won’t break your budget.

How often should I spray mites?

Spider mites can be eliminated by spraying them every 5-7 days. Water can be used to treat small plants. Larger plants can spray water from the shower or at the sink.

It would be best if you cleaned each leaf from the top to the bottom. Also, remove any crevices from stems, branches or stems. Then, continue the therapy for several more weeks to ensure you don’t get any eggs.

Large plants should not come in direct contact with water. Too much moisture can lead to other pests and problems.

How can you stop and control mites?

Our professionals will inspect your home to determine the source of the mite infestation. However, it can be difficult to identify and examine mites because they are so small that you can’t see them without magnification.

We will develop a custom treatment plan based on our findings to help you get rid of mites. In addition, we will provide you with specific methods and a timeline to ensure you achieve the desired results.

We use only legal, safe, and effective pesticides that are safe for pets and people. Many safe sprays can eliminate mites from your home and prevent them from causing health problems. However, one treatment for mite infestation is not enough to last. Instead, consider regular mite control services.

What acaricide is best for mite control?

Acaricides are available for mite control. These include chlorinated carbons such as DDT, organophosphorous compounds such as Diazinon, Carbamates, and pyrethroids such as flumethrin, permethrin, and dioxin.

Acaricides can block muscle development and cause problems with breathing. Abamectin can be used as an effective anti-acaricide. It is also highly effective against phytophagous mites. Tetranychidae Tarsonemidae mites have LC90 values ranging from 0.02 to 0.24 GML-1. (Lasota & Dybas 1991).

To ensure these active ingredients are safe, we recommend you check with your state and federal authorities. Then, follow the directions and read all labels.

Can mites bite?

While most mites won’t bite, they can cause skin irritation if left on the skin. Mild itching and skin irritations caused by mite bites are not serious enough to warrant medical attention. You can use allergy injections or prescription and over-the-counter antihistamines for mite bites.

By looking at the rash or burrows, your doctor might be able to identify mites on the skin. You may be able to remove the mite from its burrow. The mites will then be removed from their burrow using either a small knife or an electric scraper.

They can bite humans, including the Liponyssoides Saguineus House Mouse Mite and Laelaps Echidna spiny Rat Mite. The house mouse mite is a fan of eating blood from mice but can also bite humans and rats. To avoid problems like these, it is best to contact Tom’s Pest Control Canberra.

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