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Do you suspect that holes are appearing in your clothes and carpets suddenly? If yes, this may be a sign of moth infestation in your house. Tom’s Pest Control can provide you with the best moth control Canberra services.

Our moth removal service ensures that you receive an extensive and safe moth treatment in Canberra. Additionally, you will have the chance to customize our services as well. Tailor your plan according to your requirements and budget.  Our team of experts will come to your place, thoroughly inspect it, and provide you with a non-obligatory quote. Choose the best plan that fulfils your requirements and fits your budget.  Our exterminators are laced with all the latest equipment and tools to provide you with fast, reliable, and affordable moth treatment service. Due to years of experience under our belts, we can assure satisfying and safe moth pest control in Canberra.

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Why Immediate Moth Pest Control is Necessary?

Generally, moths do not harm you directly or even bite you. However, they can cause certain damage to your property and trouble you by affecting your health indirectly. Here are some of the reasons why you should act fast when you encounter moth infestation at your property:

  • Moth droppings can contaminate your food, leading to severe health conditions if you consume such food. 
  • Some species of moth feed on clothes, carpets, and blankets. It can lead to an allergic reaction in some people. 
  • When moths are in their caterpillar stage, their hair can trigger asthma attacks. 
  • Moths will move all around, becoming a real menace when you have heavily infested property.
  • It can disturb your sleep by making weird noises. 
  • Brown house moths can consume food items like cereals, seeds, flour, and potatoes. Hence, destroying and contaminating your food. 
  • The white moth can ruin crops and is mainly found between December and April. So, dealing with them as soon as possible should be your priority by booking our white moth removal service. 

If you see any signs of moth infestation, you can take necessary precautions by choosing our moth control Canberra service. We provide various services like white moth removal, brown house moth removal, and carpet moth treatment in Canberra to help you get rid of these annoying creatures immediately.

In addition to our exceptional moth control services, Tom’s Pest Control in Canberra offers a comprehensive range of pest management solutions. Our expertise extends to ant control, fly control, bird control, borer pest control, termite control, and more. Whatever pest issue you may be facing, our experienced team is equipped to handle it effectively.

Moth Pest Control Process

We are a professional moth removal company and, thus, follow a systematic 4-steps procedure to eradicate moth infestation from your property. With our expert exterminators, you can sit back and relax and let them do their work. 

Our moth treatment process involves:


When you reach us over a call or email, we will book a thorough inspection of your property. Our professionals will visit your home or office, inspect it, and provide you with a non-obligatory quote. You will have the chance to determine the date and time of the inspection. 

Our experts will check the type of moth, level of infestation, amount of damage inflicted, and many more things.

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Treatment Plan

After inspecting your property, our experts will tailor a specific moth treatment plan by keeping your requirements and budget in mind. It will include the type of treatment, the necessary precautions, the expected outcome, and the timeline. The plan will also include whether you have to follow some special instructions during the treatment process. 

After a thorough inspection, you will be given various quotes. Choose the best one that can satisfy your requirements and stay within your budget.


According to the treatment plan that you choose, our exterminators will begin with the moth treatment at your property. We use safe and eco-friendly insecticides to clean and eradicate moths from your cupboards and wardrobes. We will also ensure that these insecticides will not harm your belongings and prevent allergic reactions. 

We will also set moth traps in cupboards to catch and eradicate them. Our moth treatment doesn’t finish here.

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Prevention Tips

After the treatment process, we will inform you about the proper prevention tips. These tips can help you prevent moths from entering your house for the foreseeable future. We know that only one treatment session won’t remove all the moths. So, we will inform you of some specific tips and suggestions based on your property’s condition. 

All you need to do is follow our tips and take care of all aspects. Cleaning your spaces, disposing of damaged food products, removing garbage regularly, and inspecting clothes for moth infestation signs can help keep your house safe from another moth infestation.

Why Choose Our Moth Pest Control in Canberra?

We are a renowned and reputed pest control company all across Australia. Additionally, we promise you to provide pest control service with sheer commitment, punctuality, and safety. We keep our customers’ requirements and health as our priority to give them the best moth control treatment in Canberra.  We are people’s first choice company because: 

  • Same-day moth control service 
  • Licensed and experienced moth treatment 
  • Safe and eco-friendly chemicals and insecticides
  • Transparent and reliable services 
  • Quality service in your locality
  • Loads of pest control, removal, and prevention services 
  • Affordable rates and quality service

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular moth species?

Tineola Bisselliella, also known as the clothes moth, is also known. It is a wool-loving moth that lays eggs and larvae. These moths can also be found in stored grains and food.

Another annoying pest in your home is the pantry moth. The pantry moth is a pest that lives inside food and cupboards. From its larvae, it can become an adult moth. They will attack all food, including pet foods such as seeds and dates.

Next is the Luna moth. This common silk moth is unusual due to its size. The large moth’s wings, body and legs are light shades of lime green, while its body is white.

What makes a moth infestation harmful to humans and pests?

Moths’ cocoons or waste can contaminate food items. They can also be a source of pathogens, as they can feed on other pests, such as mites or fungi. Moth-infested fabrics and spoiled foods can also trigger allergic reactions in animals and humans.

They can devastate annual and perennial food, fibre and timber crops, forest and food products, and food products. Their yields can drop to 80% in affected food and fibre commodities.

Moth problems can both be solved by commercial and residential customers. After you tell us about the moth problem, we will give you complete satisfaction. Call us now to receive a quote.

Why would you need professional moth control and removal services?

Taking out your favourite sweater and finding holes in it can be not easy. Moths that feed on fabric are not visible, so they can be easily overlooked until they cause severe damage. After you have the proof, contact a professional moth controller firm.

Professionals can do all aspects of moth detection and prevention. Our specialists and employees exceed the requirements of Quality Pro and the National Pest Management Association.

We provide skilled services and offer a free estimate. We are committed to client satisfaction. Call us to discuss pest control requirements for your company or home.

Is moth control and removal safe?

Permethrin can be used to control moths. Permethrin kills moth larvae. Permethrin can also cause moth larvae to become numb. This can lead to their death in just a few minutes.

Permethrin is broken down by the enzyme found in humans and animals (except cats). They are, therefore, not affected by toxic substances. As a result, permethrin-treated products can be sold without moth holes.

Moth larvae can cause your products to die in five minutes. However, moth larvae will not infest your products, so you can protect your consumers and stand out from the rest. Your moth control products are crucial to the safety of your consumers.

How do you manage moths most effectively?

Moths, a special type of flying insect, can pollinate flowers. The world has approximately 160,000 moth species. Australia has over 11,000 moth species. Here are some methods to get rid of moths from your home. We will discuss health risks and when it’s best to consult a professional.

After you are done cleaning, clean your vacuum cleaner. While cedar furniture can be used to repel moths, the scent of cedar oil will eventually fade. So, cedar oil is a better choice.

White vinegar, a natural cleaner, alters the pH levels on surfaces it comes into contact with. Exposure to white vinegar renders moth eggs and larvae incapable of living in specific environments. Tom’s Pest Control Canberra will be your best option if you don’t want to resort to home remedies to eliminate moths.

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