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Do you have possum in your home and need it removed by a professional in Canberra? Are you looking for a licensed and professional possum removal company to remove the pest’s carcass from your property?

Welcome to Tom’s Pest Control Canberra most trusted pest control, and possum Removal Company. We combine expertise and current technology to deliver speedy, cost-effective, and safe possum removal to individuals and businesses in the Canberra area. In Canberra, we have a team of highly qualified possum trappers who can offer you a comprehensive solution that addresses the risk of future possum infestations.


Why Timely Possum Removal is Essential

Possums can damage the safety of your property and create different harms if they are not eliminated promptly. You will have the following problems at your home as a result of these pests:

  • Possums produce a lot of waste, and their droppings, in particular, can pollute your surroundings and contain a wide range of infections. Various illnesses, including TB and coccidiosis, are spread by pests.
  • Possums are superb climbers and are frequently found in attics and on rooftops, where they destroy roof shingles, tiles, gutters, and other materials.
  • Possums may get entry into your home and cause damage to the interior. They eat human and pet food, rip holes in walls and floors, and leave food crumbs and droppings, among other things.
  • These bugs may chew through your plumbing, insulation, and air ducts and are exceedingly unpredictable.
  • Possums remain in their natural habitats. If pests choose to reside on a property, they will not leave on their own. They pose a nuisance to the residents of the homes by producing scratching noises, generating various forms of trash, and causing clutter.

If you see a dead possum on your property, contact us right away for dead possum removal Canberra service.

Signs of Possum Infestation

Possums are nocturnal creatures which try to avoid being seen by people. As a result, you may not be able to see the insect confirm the infestation. You can determine the presence of a pest on your home by looking for the following signs:

  • Damage to the outside of your home, such as rotted siding, broken gutters, ripped soffit, and torn shingles, among other things.
  • Pet food that has disappeared and food goods that have spilled on the floor. Cat food is going to be attractive to possums. You can establish the existence of the insect if the cat food disappears regularly.
  • You may hear some loud scratching noises, as previously mentioned. You may also identify possum infestation in larger areas if you notice scratches on the flooring and walls.
  • Screaming, hissing, and other vocalisations are common among possums. Mother possums also use lip-smacking and clicking noises to communicate with their babies.
  • If you detect a strong smell, you should suspect the presence of possums, as the pest defecates regularly and puts the property’s healthy environment at risk.

Despite their reputation for causing extensive damage to residential and commercial facilities, possums cannot be trapped or killed. In Australia, killing the pest is prohibited, and the animal may only be trapped and removed by qualified pest experts who have the necessary wildlife licences.

We have a team of possum removal experts at Tom’s Pest Control that are licensed and skilled in providing emergency possum removal services.

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Procedure Followed By Our Possum Removal Canberra Experts

Tom’s Pest Control follows a defined method for all possum services. In Canberra, we do same-day possum removal as well as deceased possum removal.

We work with wildlife agencies to guarantee that the pest is removed from your property as smoothly as possible. We have a four-step approach for removing pests from your property as a trusted group of possum catchers in Canberra.

Possum Removal Inspection

Our skilled and qualified possum catchers will visit your site immediately after receiving your request to examine the various habitats of the animal around your home. We will also determine the degree of any damage caused by the infestation, the future dangers to you and your property as a result of the infestation, the access sites, and more.

We will also confirm the species of a possum on your property. Brushtail and ringtail possums are the two most frequent forms of possums in Canberra.

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Red Ant inspection Canberra

Possum Removal Plan

Based on the inspection, we will design a customised same-day possum removal solution for the possums around your property. The plan will include removal techniques, a schedule for the surgery, numerous government approvals required, and more.

We have a dedicated research and support team that analyses possum behaviour and handles legal difficulties.


Same-Day Possum Removal

Our qualified Canberra possum removal experts will remove the animal from your home in the manner specified in the plan. Possums are typically caught using cage traps made of wire mesh to avoid causing harm to the animal.

Once we have placed the cage traps on your property, we will check the cages every morning until the animal is trapped and released safely at a distance specified by the authorities.

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Ongoing Possum Control Prevention

In addition to removal, ongoing prevention is essential in controlling possums in your environment. You can keep pests out of your property zone by doing the following steps:

  • To prevent them from climbing trees, place plastic barriers around them.
  • Enclose any gaps that provide the bug access to the premises.
  • Spikes on fences to keep them in place.
  • Covering edible plants and fruit trees with nets.
  • Securing pet foods tightly.
  • Our possum control specialists can assist you in establishing a potential barrier around your home to limit future invasions.

Why Hire Tom’s Pest Control?

At Tom’s Pest Control, we have highly skilled and certified possum technicians who can ensure that the pest is removed from your property with the least amount of fuss and strain for the animal.

Our consumers consider us the best pest removal service in Canberra because of the following features:

  • APCA and TAFE-certified removal professionals provide same-day/next-day possum removal services in Canberra.
  • Possum removal expertise in Canberra for business and residential areas.
  • Friendly, transparent service knowledge of upfront quotes.
  • Humane and advanced removal service.
  • Complete satisfaction is assured. 
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Is it possible for the possum to be brought along?

Possums can inflict injury on you and your family. They can also transmit diseases, destroy your basement, and cause damage to your home. These animals can be difficult to control, so regulations were created to protect them. It is illegal to harm or kill them.


The best option is to hire professional possum control companies. Tom’s Pest Control Canberra can help you eliminate possums quickly and efficiently from your yard. We can also set up humane traps to capture the possums in your garden.


Once they are captured, our team can transport them to another location. Contact our friendly team for more information. They will be happy to assist you with any possum removal issues.

What’s the difference between a Rat & a Possum?

Both rats and possums have long, hairless tails. While rats can be diurnal or nocturnal, possums are more likely nocturnal. Possums are herbivores or omnivores. Rats are invariably omnivorous.


While there are many species of rats, the only place where possums can be found is in Oceania. Rat claws are blunter than possums. Rats have eyes that point in one direction, while possums look forward. Rats have flatter faces than possums. Their faces are rounder, flatter and slimmer.


Rats can adapt to any environment and live there as long as they have shelter from the weather. Semi-arboreal Possums love trees and are attracted to them because of their love. However, this is not always true. They are often found in wooded areas.

What can I do to protect my plants from possums?

This large, hairy animal has seen a dramatic rise in its numbers in the past ten years. They have discovered that living in a residential setting suits them well. Their agility and dexterity allow them to reach plants up to three stories high.


There are many traditional methods to keep possums away from your garden. For example, you can protect your plants by hanging CDs, blood, and bone, hanging spotlights, or drinking lapsang souchong. Unfortunately, none of these options has any noticeable or reliable results.


There are two main ways to keep possums from your plants. The first is to build physical barriers. Deterrent sprays are the second option. Local regulations govern the trapping and relocation of possums. You have two options: ask for our help or hire us.

Is your roof and ceiling susceptible to possum damage?

Yes. Yes. Rats and possums can chew through roof wires. If they build nests on your roof, the insulation must be replaced. It could be damaged by repeated urinating. Pee can seep through the ceiling and cause damage.


If a possum is already on your roof, there are many options. You can use odour- or taste-repellents to deter them. You can use ingredients you already have at home, like Tabasco sauce. However, results can vary.


It is smart to hire possum experts to do the job. Call an expert to remove the possums. You may also be interested to learn more about keeping neighbouring possums away from your home.

What should I do if a possum climbs up on my roof at night in an attempt to bother me?

Night-active Possums are active at night. They may be heard moving on your roof at night. You might hear them hissing or coughing.


You must ensure that you have all the necessary permissions before you remove any pests from your roof. These documents can be obtained from your pest controller. There are many methods to keep possums from your roof.


Possums can look innocent, but they could cause damage to your roof or discomfort. Let’s say they have already entered your home. If they are on your property, contact Tom’s Pest Control Canberra.

Is it more common for possums to attack children than they are adults? Why?

Possums aren’t known to be aggressive. However, pet owners report that their pets can be aggressive towards possums despite being gentle and docile. Like all wild animals, possums will avoid being cornered.


Children are more likely to escape or play with possums than adults, so it is better to have a proactive defence strategy than to try to defend them. It is, therefore, important to teach children how to avoid wild animals and possums.


Our staff are highly trained to exterminate pests from your home. In addition, we may offer ongoing pest management to reduce the chances of pest problems returning.

What is the reason possums’ nest in walls’ cavities?

Because they are darker and warmer than roof cavities, possums like to sleep in wall cavities during daylight hours. You can hear rats crawling in wall cavities and floors. According to a study, 87% of nest visits were made by possums in older buildings, while 45% were in roof cavities.


These strange creatures race across the ceiling making human friends suspicious. Canberra research showed that 67% of Canberra residents who had their possums bite reported hearing them in the roof cavities. Fifty-eight per cent also reported seeing possums in these areas.


It is important to keep in mind that pest control must include sealing entry points. This is because possums attract roof cavities and can be seen crawling underneath your house.

How long is it that possums can be controlled?

The severity of the infestation will determine how long it takes for possums to be controlled. Unfortunately, possum infestations can lead to more serious problems than you might think. Here are some ways possums can damage your health or cause financial problems.


Possum droppings may contain germs that could cause flesh-eating sores. So, let’s assume they can get into your home. They can eat everything you have, cause damage to insulation and ducting, and leave unpleasant odours and stains.


To eliminate possums, our strategy begins with an in-depth analysis. Next, we develop a plan to identify entry points. This will allow us to decide on the best course. Finally, contact our experts for more information.

What is the cost of possum removal?

The cost of possum control will depend on the condition of your property. It is important to consider the location and size of the infestation as well as the extent and severity of its damage. In addition, it would help to consider how much labour is needed to eliminate them.


Prices for possum removal range from $150 to $500. For the removal of dead Possums, these companies charge $150. Live traps can be purchased to capture the possum. You must have much knowledge to set up and manage bait traps. Possums will bite if they feel threatened.


They may not be able to get into your home, but it is worth checking your chimney for any signs of intruders. Tom’s Pest Control Canberra can be contacted if you see any signs of possums.

Are the Possums being cruelly treated?

According to the 1975 Wildlife Act, possums are protected. It is illegal to transport problematic possums. However, there are many other methods to manage them. Victorians have dealt with possums that live on their properties. Our neighbourhoods have woods that resemble their natural habitat.


Possums can live with humans, even if it is annoying or if it eats your flowers. Possums can’t harass or interfere with people. Common brushtail possums can be managed if they are kept in parks or structures.


Common brushtail Possums can either be captured and released or taken to licensed veterinarians to be put to rest.



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