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The funnel web spider is a highly venomous and dangerous arachnid indigenous to Australia. There are approximately 40 different species of funnel web spiders spread across two distinct genera: Hadronyche and Atrax. These spiders are known for their powerful fangs, penetrating human skin and delivering highly toxic venom.

They are found in various habitats across Australia, including urban areas. They are known for their slow-moving, adaptable, and nocturnal behaviour. They construct funnel-shaped webs that serve as their homes and traps for prey. Despite their fearsome reputation, these spiders play an essential role in the ecosystem, as they help to control insect populations.

Due to the venomous nature of funnel web spiders, it is vital for anyone living in or visiting areas where these spiders are known to inhabit to take suitable precautions to avoid being bitten. In the event of a bite, prompt medical attention is crucial to prevent severe or even fatal consequences.

Funnel-web spiders have a size that generally ranges from medium to large, with a body length of 1-5cm. Female spiders are heavier than males and exhibit black-to-brown colouration. In addition, these spiders have a glossy hard carapace that covers the front part of their body and is sparsely haired. They also possess closely grouped eyes, a lower lip studded with blunt spikes, and four spinnerets.

Funnel-web spiders tend to thrive in damp environments, making their homes in the Australian highlands and east coast forests. These spiders are commonly found in Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

Protect Yourself from A Spider Bite

Wear protective items like gloves and covered footwear outside and avoid leaving clothes or furniture on your lawn to deter these eight-legged creatures. Spiders may seek shelter in areas where their habitat is disturbed due to rainwater accumulation after storms. In addition, male funnel web spiders travel far distances looking for mates, increasing their likelihood of entering homes. Thus, you need to be careful.

What Should You Do If You Get Hurt By A Funnel Web Spider?  

When you come across a funnel-web spider, it is best to avoid them, as they tend to be highly aggressive and may bite if they feel threatened. In case of a bite, taking prompt action is crucial.

To prevent the venom from spreading quickly to other body parts, applying a pressure bandage immediately after the bite is essential.

Make sure to wrap the limb tightly, starting from the bite and securing the entire limb above it. This will help decrease muscle movement. While funnel-web spiders are known to be dangerous, severe bites are infrequent.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a Funnel Web spider, and what makes them so dangerous?

Funnel Web spiders are a group of spiders known for their potent venom and aggressive behaviour. They are among the most dangerous spiders worldwide and can cause severe harm or even death if their bites are left untreated.

How can I prevent Funnel Web spiders from entering my home?

Funnel Web spiders are attracted to dark, cool, and damp places, so it’s essential to keep your home well-lit, dry, and free of clutter. Make sure to seal any cracks or gaps in your walls and doors, and keep your windows closed at night. You can also use insect screens or sealant to prevent spiders from entering your home.

What should I do if I encounter a Funnel Web spider?

If you come across a Funnel Web spider, the best thing to do is to back away slowly and avoid disturbing it. Do not attempt to handle or catch the spider, as this can be dangerous. If you live in an area where Funnel Web spiders are common, it’s a good idea to take precautions such as wearing gloves when gardening or checking shoes before putting them on.