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Termites may not be deadly or harmful to health issues, but they are notorious for causing widespread damage to property and furniture. It can impose a serious financial strain on the owner and give them a hard time if not handled well.

Do you have termites or ‘white ants’ as they are called in your house too? Not sure how to get rid of the nasty pests? You can contact our professionals to aid you through the entire process safely and thoroughly.

Tom’s Pest Control canberra has certified experts who help you with all kinds of infestation problems and provide tips for prevention. Our Termite control Canberra services are here to keep your residency termite-free and healthy for you and your family.

You can rest assured about the quality of the materials and methods used. Our professionals at termite treatment Canberra is at your service throughout the day, so that you can contact us now.


Risks Associated With Termite Infestation

While it may seem unnecessary to have White ant control done professionally at your home or workspace, it is, in fact, essential to get it done timely. Termites do not harm physically, but the damage they do to the property is disastrous. Hence, it would be best if you did not ignore a termite infestation. 

  • Termites are a highly destructive pest group that can cause structural damage to properties and create significant financial impacts in the long run.
  • Termites feed on materials such as books, paper, swimming pool liners, filtration systems, insulation, and more.
  • Termite attack can leave you with an irreplaceable loss if you have furniture with some heritage value.
  • The termite attack and damaged wooden structures may pose as an entrance to other pests or make the property vulnerable to various pests.
  • The presence of termites at the property is considered a lack of maintenance and may require frequent cleaning and maintenance. It also makes people uncomfortable and displeased to visit such properties.

Hence, it is always suggested to have the infestation handled by an expert so you can avoid any future infestations. You can rely on our effective and affordable termite control services to keep your house safe and clean.

Signs to Call for Termite Protection Canberra

Termites cause great havoc and damage to property if they infest a residency. Therefore, one needs to ensure there are fewer chances of such infestation. These are some signs that can help you confirm if it is a termite infestation or not. 

  • Tiny holes, cracked plaster, and paintworks on the walls or woodwork
  • Damaged, sagging, or crunchy-sounding floorboards.
  • A pile of shed insect wings 
  • Mud deposits on surfaces like door joints or window architraves
  • Light rustling or rattling sounds coming from behind the walls.

Keep track of the above signs, and if at all you notice them, we suggest you contact our team at termite protection Canberra. Our termite control services include White ant control, White ant treatment, White ant barrier, etc.

Termite Control Service Procedure

Our methods at Termite barrier Canberra are extremely safe and certified. We train our professionals with the latest tools and technologies for all types of termite control services. We curate a well-defined plan that fits into your budget while solving your issue. The entire process is divided into four stages and is implemented meticulously.

Prior Onsite Inspection

The expert for Termite inspection Canberra will visit your property personally at your convenient time and thoroughly inspects the area. Equipped with advanced tools and technologies, they check the extent of the infestation, the damages incurred, the sources and the factors for infestations, the species, and many other details during the inspection.

The experts also prepare a report for the same with a document and photographs regarding the infestation. They then recommend treatments and plans necessary to get rid of the infestation.

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Planning for Treatment

The experts prepare the report and guide the customer regarding the details. Then a plan is created that fits within the budget and also helps solve the issue for a long time. If the infestation is high, follow-up treatments are also included.

Other things included in the plan are the treatment methods, materials to be used, termites’ species, duration of treatment, and other details. The plan for extermination is only carried out after the customer’s approval.

Extermination Process

After the customer approves of the plan, the extermination process takes place as soon as possible. The treatments may require a mixture of treatments based on the level and the species.

The termite extermination process may require the usage of special materials. These include termiticides, termite baits, repellents, surface sprays, termite shields, termite foams, etc. However, we only provide safe options for your family and your pets to avoid any health issues. We only use methods that create a healthy and clean environment for you.

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Future Prevention Tips

A termite extermination process may not always guarantee long-term results unless future precautions are taken. Here are some tips that might help you beware of a termite infestation again.

  • Make sure to clear any form of clutter or hidden places in your property that can hide the termite signs from your eyes.
  • Repair any leaking pipes, discharge from air conditioners, hot water overflow, or any other issue that increases the humidity level of your property.
  • Remove any pieces of timber and wood piles from your property and surroundings as they might bring in termites.
  • Schedule timely termite inspections at your property to identify any early signs of termite infestation.

Why Choose Us?

We are known for providing high-quality service and hassle-free customer experience. Tom’s Pest Control professionals work relentlessly to give you the best results. However, our other qualities that distinguish us from other termite control services are as below.

  • Well-equipped and certified professionals
  • Advanced tools and treatment methods used
  • Quick same/next day termite control treatment
  • Safe and family-friendly termite treatment methods
  • Reasonable and pocket-friendly price rate
  • Experts available within your locality
  • Licensed and Insured termite treatment methods
  • Upfront quotes and professional guidance
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