About Tom’s Pest Control

Tom’s Pest Control is a reputed, trustworthy, and professional pest control company in Australia. We are committed to offering the best and most effective solutions for every pest problem. We focus on delivering long-lasting results without compromising quality. We adhere to meet industry standards and dominate Australia’s pest control industry.

We offer safe and cost-effective services in Canberra and other cities. When you notice any pest infestation, simply contact us.

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Our Comprehensive Pest Control Services

At Tom’s Pest Control, we can provide pest control treatments for all minor to major pest problems in your residential or commercial property. No matter what type and extent of pest infestation, we provide services to meet all your pest control needs. Our pest control services include:

Each pest control job starts with a property inspection. Once we get your call, we will schedule an inspection of your property to evaluate the complete situation. We will locate the hidden areas of the pests and the root cause of the infestation. Our pest control treatment aims to improve the safety and healthy environment in and around your property. Our ongoing prevention tips reduce the risks of future pest infestation.

Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control?

At Tom’s Pest Control, we aim to give our customers the best experience working with certified and professional experts. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients through top-quality services. We give several reasons to the people of Canberra to choose us over our competitors.

Comprehensive Pest Control Services 

At Tom’s Pest Control, you can expect the most effective pest control in Canberra covering pest issues of all types. We consider all aspects of creating the treatment plan and executing it accurately and professionally. In severe pest infestation cases, one-time treatment is not enough to get the long-term outcome. So, we combine various methods to address all the concerns related to infestation.

Our professionals first identify the actual issue, the type of infestation, and the level of damage to your property. We perform a thorough inspection and create a treatment plan to give you a pest-free property. We offer the four-step procedure for all pest control services.

  • Pest Inspection
  • Customised treatment plan
  • The extermination
  • Ongoing prevention tips
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Advanced Techniques and Procedures

We offer a variety of pest control services in Canberra with the help of state-of-the-art techniques and methods. Our professionals are trained and updated with the ongoing developments in the industry. Our use of the latest tools and equipment to address various pest problems negates any possibility of future infestation. We focus on making the pest inspection and elimination process precise, safe, effective, and quick.

We specialise in using the right equipment to reach each hidden spot of the pests in and around your property. We are known for offering complete pest inspection and elimination services.

Certified and Professional Technicians

We have a team of APCA and TAFE certified pest control technicians. They put their best into delivering top-quality and highly effective services to all customers. They possess years of experience and in-depth knowledge in the industry. They know how to treat and restore the healthy environment of any type of property with effective pest control solutions.

Also, our offered comprehensive pest control services are licensed and insured. Whatever service you hire, we ensure to deliver 100% complete satisfaction with what and how we do.

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Effective and Quick Pest Control Services

Whatever type of property and the level of infestation may be, we can provide pest control treatment on the same day. Our local pest control technicians in all suburbs of Canberra will address your pest concerns quickly. Some cases may require more than one pest treatment session. We are committed to answering your calls and booking services immediately.

You can even contact us anytime to get the answers to your queries and concerns. Also, we value your feedback, as it makes us more confident in our services. We take pride in creating a pest-free environment for your family, pets, and employees.

Safe and Eco-friendly Treatment

We don’t just focus on delivering our services. We also want you to live in a safe and healthy environment. So, we use safe and eco-friendly pest control products and methods. We want our customers to gain the safest pest control experience. We work per Australian industry standards. You can assure to get the safe treatment to control and prevent pest infestation on your property.

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Competitive Prices and Upfront Quotes

We ensure to provide all pest control services at competitive prices. You can request upfront and obligation-free quote. It will help you make an informed decision to choose us to get the best experience. There are no hidden charges, and everything we provide is transparent. You can contact us anytime to get the solution for all your pest control needs.

If you are dealing with pest infestation problems, you can fill out the online form with all the required details and get an instant quote.



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Contact Us For Commercial Pest Control

Our regular commercial pest control can make your space look clean, healthy, and hygienic. After having it, it can help you welcome your workforce and customers in a better atmosphere. So, if you want to restore your business operation in an impeccable environment, call us on We ensure to provide all pest control services at competitive prices. You can request upfront and obligation-free quote. It will help you make an informed decision to choose us to get the best experience (02) 6105 9024.

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