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It is common to come across rodents, such as rats and mice, in both residential and commercial properties. These creatures gain access to your household or workplace to find food and moisture, gravitating towards areas that offer a consistent supply of both, like your kitchens and storerooms.

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Why is It Important to Remove Rats & Mice from Your Property?

Chewing on wood, electrical wiring, and insulation is a common way rodents cause property damage. In addition, rodents are known to spread various illnesses that can pose a significant risk to human health. Also, the presence of rats and mice on your property can lead to contamination of food sources with their faeces and urine, potentially leading to food poisoning if consumed. Therefore, it is essential to take prompt measures to eliminate rodents from your property.

An indication of a potential rodent infestation is typically the presence of a pungent, musky odour alongside noticeable bite marks on furniture and walls. The sight of rodent droppings in the kitchen or other areas of the property also indicates the presence of rats and mice.

In case of a severe infestation, you may hear unfamiliar noises within your property, such as scurrying and scuttling from the roof or other areas. Additionally, damaged food packaging within your home may become more common.

It is advisable to eliminate possible food and water sources from your property to avoid attracting rodents inside. Ensure to keep all food items covered securely by storing them in containers. If you have pets, it is essential to discard any remaining food from their bowls as this, too, can bring rats and mice to your property. Additionally, you must avoid keeping leftover food on the kitchen counter overnight.

Maintaining cleanliness in both indoor and outdoor areas of your home is crucial. It is recommended to ensure that all garbage bins, whether inside or outside your property, have a tightly sealed lid to prevent rodents from being attracted to the waste.

Rodents such as rats and mice have the potential to cause structural damage to your property due to their tendency to chew on various materials like wood, paper, and clothing. For example, they may gnaw into upholstered furniture to create nests that can be challenging to detect. Additionally, rodents may chew on electrical wires, which can cause short circuits and may even lead to fires.

Plastic pipes are commonly used in homes and offices, and they are susceptible to damage by rodents. Gnawing on plastic pipes can result in flooding, causing significant damage to the property.

Mice are known to be a significant threat to crops before harvest as they can dig up and feed on them in gardens, causing extensive damage.

Common Rodent Pest Species

Roof rat Control Canberra
The black rat also called the roof rat, is a relatively small rodent species. Like the Norway rat, it has a lifespan of approximately 9 to 12 months. Black rats are commonly found in urban and coastal areas and are skilled climbers, allowing them to access buildings and roof voids easily. They have a varied diet, including grains, cereals and fruits. These rats are identifiable by their grey, black, or brown fur, pointed snout, and pink feet.

Roof Rat

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Norway rat control Canberra
The common rat, also known as the Norway rat, is the largest among all rodent pest species. These rats have a brown colouration and an average lifespan of 9 to 12 months. Typically active at night, they communicate with each other through high-pitched vocalisations. Common omnivorous rats eat almost anything, including plants and animal matter.

Norway Rat

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House Mouse control canberra
This species is small and typically has a lifespan of 12 months. They can be commonly found in homes and offices as they prefer to be close to humans. These creatures have large, hairy ears and brown or grey fur. Their diet includes a variety of foods such as grains, fruits, and animal feed.

House Mouse

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