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Have you seen small silvery creatures lurking around your home in the dark? Do you find any nibbles or holes in your wallpapers or books? This might possibly be a silverfish infestation at your residency. Silverfish may seem to be harmless but in fact, they can cause serious harm to your health as well as your properties. Silverfish are of different species and have different characteristics, lifecycle, nesting choices, and habits. Such a pest can be tricky to handle by the layman. We at Tom’s Pest Control Canberra provide you with specially trained professionals who can help you keep the situation in control. Our professionals at silverfish control Canberra are friendly, well-equipped, and well-trained for any type of infestation. They guide you and provide a proper plan to keep your environment safe, healthy, and clean. We guarantee a satisfactory experience to our customers at some of the best rates in Canberra.


Signs That Indicate You Need Silverfish Treatment

Silverfish often lurk around during the nighttime and in the dark or hidden areas of your house. So, it can be difficult to locate or detect any silverfish infestations at a glance. But if you know where to find them, you can get some clue about if there are silverfish within your property. Here are some signs that can tell you easily if there is a silverfish infestation at your house.

  • They cast skin and droppings on floors and walls that look like pepper.
  • Create holes in the wallpaper.
  • They cause yellow stains to appear on books, fabrics, and wallpaper.
  • Silverfish eat gum and glue, so they may try to eat any furniture that glue or gum was used on.
  • They often hide behind books and magazines and any cardboard during the day.
  • You can locate silverfish in dark and humid areas such as bathrooms, crawlspaces, attic, basement, places under the sink, and more.

If you see any of these signs, immediately contact our staff at Silverfish pest control Canberra. The professionals will guide you throughout the silverfish removal service and also provide prevention tips to avoid future infestations.

Risks of A Silverfish Infestation

Silverfish might seem like harmless creatures but they may create havoc by damaging your properties and infecting your living environment. These are some of the damages that can be caused by silverfish if timely precautions and treatments are not implemented.

  • Silverfish is a nocturnal pest that lives in dark, damp environments. It feeds on wallpapers, books, paintings, leather clothing, and more.
  • Silverfish also contaminate open food and other materials.
  • Silverfish can bring its predators into the property and cause spider, cockroach, and centipede infestation. 
  • The presence of silverfish denotes the lack of maintenance and hygienic environments.

Complete Silverfish Removal Service Procedure

Silverfish are of different species and each requires different methods of treatment. Our experts at silverfish pest control Canberra are professionally trained and knowledgeable about any type of silverfish infestation and work in a defined procedure to get rid of it. The procedure is a four-step process planned very meticulously for the best results.

Onsite Inspection

Our experts visit your residency at a convenient time for a proper on-site inspection regarding the infestation. They take note of the areas of infestation, the factors, and entrances for infestations, the species of the silverfish as well as the damages done to the property.

They also check the extent of infestation for the records and give you a brief report about the situation. They inform and show you the sites and affected areas to keep you wary of the situation. 

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Planning for Treatment

The report created on the basis of the inspection is used to create a well-defined and budget-friendly silverfish treatment method for your issue. The plan is created keeping in mind the species and the level of infestation. It also depends on the factors of infestation and the budget of the individual.

The duration, methods, and materials used for the treatment are all mentioned within the report. The plan is then communicated to the customers and after it is approved, they are passed on for implementation. In case of high infestation levels, follow-up treatments are also included in the plan if needed.

The Extermination Process

The extermination process of the silverfish infestation begins after the approval of the customers is gained. The expert takes care of all the necessary precautions and informs about the preparations needed to be done before the treatment. They are extremely friendly and well-trained for any type of pest control.

We assure you of a safe, family-friendly, and a high-quality experience with our trained professionals. Also, the tools and materials used are safe and advanced. The process may sometimes include insecticides, fogging, aerosol sprays, traps, and natural repellents.

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Future Prevention Tips

The professionals also provide tips and precaution methods to avoid any kind of future infestation. You can, however, use some strategies to keep your property safe from any type of silverfish infestation.

  • Keep the food products in air-tight containers. Do not leave them open on the kitchen platform.
  • Close or repair any water sources that may cause dampness. Fish tanks, plumbing leaks, water-shedding near the property, and more can increase the humidity in your property.
  • Clear any form of clutter from your property as silverfish often find safe hiding places behind piles of debris, clothes, and papers.
  • Clean and sanitise your floors and walls regularly. Remove and dispose of the garbage from your property regularly. 
  • You can also consider installing a dehumidifier to minimise the dampness within your property.

Why Choose Us?

There are a few qualities that make us unique with our services and customer experiences among the pest control services in Canberra. You can trust our experts who work hard to provide you with a safe and high-quality service experience for silverfish control Canberra.

  • Well-equipped, well-trained and skilled professionals 
  • Same/ next day spider pest control treatment
  • Safe and family-friendly silverfish treatment methods
  • Reasonable and pocket-friendly prices
  • Professionals within your locality
  • Licensed and Insured treatment methods
  • Professional and high-quality service
  • Well-curated and planned treatment method

In addition to our top-notch silverfish control services, we offers a comprehensive range of pest management solutions. Our expertise extends to rodent control, spider control, cockroach control, fumigation, pest inspection, and more. With our diverse array of services, you can rest assured that we have the knowledge and experience to handle a wide variety of pest control challenges. Whatever pest issue you may encounter, our team is fully equipped to deliver effective and customized solutions to keep your home and property pest-free. Trust Tom’s Pest Control for all your pest management needs in Canberra.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can pest control professionals eradicate silverfish?

If you have problems with silverfish, spray residual pesticides around your home. Spray a thin line along the perimeter of your home to stop silverfish from moving.

Spraying exterior walls with Intice Perimeter 10 will prevent silverfish from entering a building. Spraying the attic with Intice Perimeter 10 is also possible. A pest management specialist should manage this type of silverfish pest management.

Tom’s Pest Control Canberra will help you develop a strategy to control silverfish infestations. First, in moist basements, we use dehumidifiers. Then, place plastic sheets on dirt crawl areas or roof ridge vents to let the damp air in.

Is silverfish harmful to pets and people?

Silverfish are not infectious and do not bite humans or animals. They also don’t spread diseases. If they are allowed to get in from the outside, however, they can spread diseases and contaminate food.

Silverfish love to live in damp areas so that a bed could make a great environment. Consider that your bed is heated by your body and has dark areas between the pillows and mattress. If that is the case, silverfish could use it for breeding quickly.

They can cause havoc in your home. Because they eat insects, they can also eat your belongings. The feces can also leave stains. But they are not harmful and won’t cause any disease. Pets can eat silverfish, but it should not be encouraged.

What are the signs of a silverfish infestation?

The presence of live silverfish first detects silverfish infestations. These tiny, flexible, and slippery insects can be found in various colours, from brown-grey to blue-silver. They are teardrop-shaped insects with a body that wriggles forwards and backwards, much like a fish swimming.

Small silverfish droppings can be mistaken for household dust or objects. If they return to the surface after being swept once, this is an indication that there is a problem.

Silverfish experience skin loss throughout their lives. Silverfish’s outer shells indicate infestation. They are fragile, small, and translucent. While you won’t be able to see the silverfish moulting their skins on the surface, you can observe the golden dust they leave behind. These yellow stains can be found on clothes, books, paper, cardboard boxes, and paper.

How can you keep silverfish away from your home or business?

Silverfish infestations can be prevented by taking preventative measures. Avoid situations that encourage silverfish reproduction. They will keep what they need to survive and love close by.

Silverfish need water, food, and shelter. These things are essential for their survival. These are all ways to protect your business and home from silverfish infestation.

All pantry items should be kept in sealed containers that contain sugar or starch. This will help keep them dry and prevent silverfish from entering your pantry.

  • Regularly vacuum and sweep your home. Silverfish will eat dust-related particles.
  • Garments should always be dried. However, don’t dry clothes you don’t wear very often.
  • Don’t discard leftovers. These insects may eat leftovers from a dinner party.
  • Keep silverfish and other insects out of cracks in walls and floors. This will prevent them from hiding or laying eggs.
What type of property damage can silverfish cause?

Silverfish can cause serious damage to historical artifacts, paper records, and other papers. Silverfish can also cause significant damage to buildings and homes. This might not seem to be a problem if museums are empty. But unfortunately, this makes it easier for silverfish and other insects to reproduce and thrive in unattended areas.

Silverfish are fond of sweet and starchy foods and will eat many household products. There are many materials that bugs can find sugars and starches in, including wallpaper, books, paintings, wallpapers, photographs, and wallpaper.

These insects love protein-rich foods such as cereals and dried meat. These insects also love sugar and starches. In addition, these bugs love grains, cereals, pet food, and other foods.

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