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Australia is home to a type of comb-footed spider known as the redback. The bite of a female redback is poisonous, making it hazardous. Redback males are innocuous and tiny.

After mating, female redbacks may save the sperm for up to two years and use it to produce additional eggs. Females live longer, typically for around two to three years, compared to males, who have a shorter lifespan of six to seven months.

Redbacks are easily recognisable by their distinctive reddish-orange hourglass marking on the back. Males usually have additional white markings on their upper abdomen and tend to be smaller than females, measuring only three to four mm long.

While female redbacks can get as large as 1 cm, additionally, males often have a shorter lifespan than their female counterparts.

Redback spiders are commonly found in areas of human habitation and disturbance, as they need a sheltered place to build webs and access to food and warmer temperatures for breeding. Furthermore, these creatures prefer sedentary lifestyles and remain in one place for an extended period.

The bite of a female redback spider can be deadly, especially in young children; therefore, it is essential to treat their bites with caution. The symptoms of a redback bite may include intense localised pain with swelling, excessive sweating, headaches, nausea, and vomiting. These symptoms typically occur about an hour after the bite has been inflicted.

How to Respond to a Redback Spider Bite?

You must stay calm in the face of a redback spider bite. To reduce soreness and inflammation, try an ice pack or anything cold. Get medical attention straight away, and anti-venom may be administered if necessary. Tourniquets and tight bandages should be avoided around the bite site.

Knowing the Risks of Redback Spider Bites for Your Pets

If your pet gets bitten by a redback spider, it may be exposed to latrotoxin, which can affect the neurological system and muscular movements. However, in most cases, these bites do not inject venom into your pet.

However, if venom was injected, it could lead to poisoning, resulting in various symptoms. These symptoms may include nausea, muscular cramps, an elevated heart rate, hypertension, loose stools, and a gradual increase in discomfort over time.

What Should You Do If You Discover a Redback Spider?

Whenever you encounter a redback, keep your distance and avoid provoking them. You must contact pest control specialists immediately if an infestation occurs on your property.

Our skilled team has the knowledge and ability required to carry out safe and effective treatments that will rid your house of these pests.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do redback spiders hunt and capture their prey?

Redback spiders use their webs to catch their prey, typically consisting of insects, small lizards, and even other spiders. First, they will bite their prey to inject venom and then wrap them up in silk to immobilise them.

How can you prevent a redback spider infestation in your home?

To prevent a redback spider infestation in your home, it is crucial to keep your home clean and free of clutter, seal any cracks or crevices in your walls or doors, and remove any potential hiding places, such as piles of wood or debris.

Are redback spiders dangerous to humans?

Yes, redback spiders are considered dangerous to humans due to the potency of their venom. While deaths are rare, it is vital to seek medical attention if bitten by a redback spider to avoid serious complications.