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Pest Control Services to Remove Garden Orb Weaving Spiders

What are Garden Orb Weaving Spiders?

Garden orb weaving spiders are a fascinating group of spiders that come in more than 100 species with varying sizes, shapes, and colours. These spiders are known for their adaptability and delicate and elegant appearance, making them an exciting subject of study. Studying these spiders can help us understand how creatures interact with their environment and adapt to changing conditions.

How to Spot Garden Orb Weaving Spiders

First, look for a round or triangular brown or grey body with a leaf-like pattern on the back. Some spiders may have a light or dark stripe along the middle of their back with white edges.

These spiders make large and colourful webs among plants and bushes in gardens, so watch for these distinctive webs.

Garden orb weaving spiders are widespread throughout the country and can often be found in gardens and outdoor spaces. The most common species in the eastern and southern parts of the country are Eriophora biapicata and E. transmarina.

These spiders are known for their large, sticky webs shaped like wheels and floating in the air. They typically place their webs in gaps between trees and shrubs where they can easily trap flying insects. During the day, garden orb weaving spiders can usually be spotted hanging upside down in the middle of their web, waiting for prey to come to them.

When it comes to identifying a garden orb-weaving spider, there are certain features you can look for:

  • One such feature is their body size, typically within the 15-30mm range.
  • Another distinguishing factor is the difference in size between males and females. While males usually measure between 15-17mm in body length, females tend to be more extensive and range from 20-25mm.
  • The feature that sets the females apart is their sharp epigynum, which juts out towards the spinneret.
  • These spiders have hairy abdomens shaped like triangles with a rounded appearance.

How do They Catch Their Food?

The way in which garden orb-weaving spiders catch their food is quite fascinating. First, they create intricate webs between plants and trees. Then, they use their impressive web-building skills to trap unsuspecting insects that fly by. Once an insect becomes entangled in their web, the spider can sense its presence through vibrations and quickly springs into action.

They cover the prey with silk, bite it, and then wait for it to stop moving before devouring it. However, if they catch too many insects, they may have to let go of some larger ones that can break their web.

How Dangerous Are Garden Orb Weaving Spiders to Humans?

Garden orb weaving spiders, while not prone to attacking humans, may bite if they feel threatened. The effects of a bite can include pain, numbness, and swelling around the bite. However, these symptoms usually subside after some time. However, in more severe cases, a bite can cause feelings of sickness or dizziness, which may require medical attention.

Assistance with Pest Control

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is hiring a professional pest control service for Garden Orb Weaving Spider control necessary?

While garden orb weaving spiders are not considered dangerous, it’s always best to seek the assistance of a professional pest control service to remove safely and efficiently.

What can I expect from a Garden Orb Weaving Spider control service?

A garden orb weaving spider control service will typically involve thoroughly inspecting your property to determine the extent of the infestation. The technician will then use safe and effective methods to remove the spiders and prevent future infestations.

How do I know if I have a Garden Orb Weaving Spider infestation?

If you notice webs in your garden or around your property that resemble a typical orb shape, you may have a garden orb weaving spider infestation. You may also see spiders around your property.