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What Is Australian Cockroaches?

Australian cockroaches are easily distinguishable due to their distinctive and colourful appearance. While they may resemble American cockroaches at first glance, they are slightly bigger and tend to prefer living outdoors rather than indoors.

Since Australian cockroaches tend to live outdoors, they may enter your property for food or shelter. To prevent them from getting close, ensuring that your property is well-maintained and sealed up when possible is best.

Australian cockroaches typically have a brown colour and measure around 2.5-4cm in length. Although they can be mistaken for American cockroaches due to their colour, they are identifiable by their unique yellow accents. Both male and female Australian cockroaches have a pair of cerci (paired appendages on the abdomen), but males have an additional pair of small appendages called styli.

It takes approximately a year for Australian cockroaches to reach adulthood from eggs. Despite this, their lifespan typically ranges from four to six months. Female cockroaches lay egg cases with around 24 eggs per case, usually in damp and sheltered areas like moist wood. The females hide these egg cases in hard-to-reach locations, and they emerge when the eggs are ready to hatch.

As the Australian cockroach nymphs grow, they undergo several moulting stages until they finally develop wings. This process takes about 6 to 12 months, after which the nymphs become adults and start reproducing by laying eggs.

Australian cockroaches typically live in outdoor colonies but may venture indoors when the temperature drops. They tend to prefer high-humidity areas such as tree bark and woodpiles. If they enter your home, they are often found near food and water sources, such as sinks, bathtubs, and drains.

Dangers to Humans

Australian cockroaches remain outside and feed on faeces, garbage, and other unsanitary materials. They reside in unclean places and carry bacteria on their feet. They will likely transfer these bacteria to your kitchen counters, uncovered food, and dishes if they enter your home.

Consuming contaminated food or cooking on unclean surfaces may spread diseases to you and your family. Moreover, Australian cockroaches produce allergens that pose a more significant threat to your health. Furthermore, their droppings and shed skin can cause irritation, sneezing, and difficulty breathing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Tell the Difference Between Australian and American Cockroaches?

The resemblance between Australian cockroaches and American cockroaches is due to their comparable size and shape. In addition, they both possess wings and have a primary colour of brown or reddish-brown. Nevertheless, the distinctive yellow stripes along the wings of Australian cockroaches are the key distinguishing factor.

What Do Baby Australian Cockroaches Look Like?

The juvenile Australian cockroaches referred to as nymphs, lack wings and are smaller than the adults. They display distinct yellow markings on their backs, which become more prominent as they mature.

Can Australian Cockroaches Fly?

These cockroaches possess well-developed wings, enabling them to fly with great agility. Unlike some other cockroach species, they are not drawn to lights. However, they use their wings to fly when they perceive a threat or need to travel short distances for food.