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Do you spot any wasp nests around your residence or workspace? Are you looking for professionals to help you get rid of the wasps? Are you worried about the safety of your loved ones because of the nearby wasp nest? 

Wasps are extremely dangerous insects, and their bites are much more painful than bees. Having a wasp nest near your property may not only be a threat to you and your children but also to the neighbours. Hence, it is necessary to take action only after consulting an expert or having an expert remove the infestation for you.

At Tom’s Pest Control in Canberra, our professionals are trained and well-equipped in wasp extermination while taking all precautions. Our experts are reliable and can guarantee the safe removal of the nest. Our professionals are available for you 24X7 so that you can contact us during any emergency situation.


Why Is Professional Help Essential for Wasp Control?

Wasps can be dangerous not only for you and your loved ones but also for other inhabitants nearby. Here are a few reasons why it is absolutely vital to seek professional help if you see any wasps or wasp nests near your property.

  • Wasps are very unfriendly and get irritated very easily.
  • Wasps have a reputation for painful stings and aggressive behaviours. Wasps can sting multiple times, and their stings seem to be more painful than bees.
  • Wasps can attack a few hundred people at a time, and the stings can be deadly.
  • Some people may experience severe allergic reactions after the stings and may require immediate medical treatment.
  • Wasps affect the inhabitants of the property and the neighbouring properties.
  • Wasps form groups when they attack.

It is always advisable that an unprofessional person should never go anywhere near the nest for their own and others’ safety. Taking down or removing a wasp’s nest by a non-specialist may pose more threats to all individuals, which is something anyone should avoid at all costs. Tom’s Pest Control can provide you with experts for wasp control services. 

Signs That Indicate You Need Wasp Treatment

Wasps are flying insects who have yellow, slender abdomen and long wings. They are not easy to sight, but you may be able to spot one or two of them flying around your property in case of an infestation. Here are some other signs that can help you identify a wasp infestation.

  • Some wasp species use wooden pieces to build their nests. So, if you see damage to furniture or wooden structures, there is a chance of a wasp nesting around.
  • You can also inspect your property to identify any nests. Most wasp species make their nests using mud or wood particles.
  • Wasps make a buzzing sound while flying. The sound is more audible when they fly in groups. So, you can quickly confirm their presence by the buzzing sound.

In case you notice any of these signs of wasp infestation, you can give a call at Tom’s Pest Control immediately. Wasp control treatment Canberra assures you a high-quality and effective service with our trained professionals to keep you and your family safe.

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Complete Wasp Control Procedure

Wasp pest control Canberra curates a well-defined and suitable plan for your situation as per your needs and budget. Our experts are not only cooperative and friendly but also certified to aid you with any kind of wasp removal service. The entire process is divided into four stages and implemented with caution.

Prior Onsite Inspection

First, our expert will visit your property to inspect the entire situation and record details about the same. They make a thorough report about the place of infestation, the damages, species, extent of the infestation, and the factors that led to it.

Our team will submit this report along with the photographs of the infestation and the situation. They will also keep you updated on any precautions that need to be taken in case of danger.


Planning for Treatment

A plan is created based on the report and keeping your budget in mind. The professional will recommend treatment plans and methods as per the situation requires. The plan contains all the details of treatment, like the method of treatment, duration, materials going to use, and if any follow-up treatments are going to be needed.

The experts at Wasp treatment Canberra will inform you about the details and guide you through the entire process. The process is only taken forward with the clients’ approval and after ensuring their safety. The staff will also inform you beforehand if there are any pre-requirements for the process.

Extermination Process

The experts at Wasp nest removal Canberra only proceed with the extermination process after obtaining the client’s approval. The extermination is carried out keeping in mind the safety of the residents and the nearby areas. We deliver the best pest control service in canberra to keep your environment safe and healthy. The process for wasp extermination includes perimeter spraying, nest drenching, wasp traps, nest dusting, and baiting. You can rest assured that all the methods used for the treatment are safe and family-friendly. Also, we provide our staff with the best safety suits to keep them equally protected.

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Future Prevention Tips

In the long run, avoiding Wasps entirely is non-practical, even with the most effective wasp control treatments. Hence, you can use these prevention strategies to keep wasps at bay after the treatment.

  • Avoid keeping fruits open as the sweet scent can attract wasps to your property.
  • Dump the waste food in closed garbage containers. Clear the containers at regular intervals.
  • Check, repair, or seal any cracks and holes that may give access to wasps into your property.
  • Trim and remove overgrown shrubs and trees to maintain your yard regularly. Otherwise, it can become a good choice for wasps to build nests.

Why Choose Us?

We are known for providing high-quality service and hassle-free customer experience. Tom’s Pest Control professionals work relentlessly to give you the best results. However, our other qualities that distinguish us from other termite control services are as below.

  • Well-equipped and certified professionals
  • Advanced tools and treatment methods used
  • Quick same/next day termite control treatment
  • Safe and family-friendly termite treatment methods
  • Reasonable and pocket-friendly price rate
  • Experts available within your locality
  • Licensed and Insured termite treatment methods
  • Upfront quotes and professional guidance
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you stop wasps from building mud nests in your home?

An allergic reaction to a wasp attack can cause severe pain and allergic shock. The homeowner may feel confident in their ability to eliminate wasp eggs. It is crucial to use the correct materials and safety gear.

Giant, solitary honeybees can be found close to water sources. Clay is used to making cells filled with a paralysed insect, an egg, or a spider. The larva then eats and becomes an adult. These mud chambers can be found in protected areas such as walls or ceilings.

Residual pesticides can be applied to nearby surfaces and mud nests using a label from wasps. However, to ensure that pesticides reach the larvae within the mud cells, it is necessary to submerge the nest completely. Tom’s Pest Control Canberra guarantees the removal of wasps.

What is the cost of wasp extermination?

A basic nest of wasps can be removed for $120. However, if the wasps become more aggressive or difficult to control, you may need to pay up to $300.

You might be surprised at how difficult it is to eliminate wasps. If you are willing to do the job yourself, these parasites can make your life miserable. With their exceptional vision, they can see every movement.

These behaviours could signify that insects or bugs might be present and ready for attack. They can also spot predators like birds thanks to their keen eyesight. Birds will dive into nests to eat wasp larvae.

How can you eliminate wasps and feral honeybees in your home?

Colonies can live underground or in your home. Sprays, bait or even removing the nest can be used to kill wasps. You can kill wasps with sprays, bait, or even by kicking their nest with a bat.

You should contact an expert if the nest is underground or within your home. However, it is best not to attempt to remove the nest yourself. If you attempt to remove the nest, you risk injury to yourself and others.

You must take extra precautions to prevent the wasps from getting to your face faster. However, you can approach the nest in the evening and early morning when wasps are calmer.

Which wasp species are most likely to nest in homes?

A single nest can house thousands of wasps during summer. Wasps become more aggressive as they multiply. It is easier to remove a nest quickly. Many species of wasps may nest in your home. These wasps can be found here.

  • Paper wasps
  • Yellowjackets
  • Bald-faced Hornets
  • Mud daubers

If you find the nest, keep it at a safe distance. It is best not to disturb it. It is risky to try to remove the nest by yourself. It is best to hire professionals. We can remove wasp colonies from any property.

While I can find wasp nests everywhere, they are not within my immediate area. How can I help them?

Most wasp nests are described as being papery. Each species has its nest. Therefore, knowing which wasp species are found in each area is vital.

  • The canopy is made from grey papery wasps that have exposed honeycomb-like cell structures. These are the places they will be found: under deck railings, awnings, and on windowsills.
  • Yellow jackets make nests in small cavities, which are often tanned. They can be found in cavities, attics, and sandy lawns.
  • European hornets have smooth, oval-shaped, and papery nests. It has a large aperture and a pointed base. It can house up to one thousand wasps. It can house up to one thousand wasps. They are larger than their cousins and have pale yellow abdomens.

If they are visible above, Tom’s Pest Control Canberra professionals will be more qualified.

What kind of pest control can a parasitic Wasp offer?

Farmers relied on natural predators for millennia to fight pests that decimate crops. This was before chemical pesticides were invented. This method is currently in revival.

Major parasitic wasps need to lay eggs on other insects to complete their life cycle. Parasitic wasps can help both native and invader species. Many wasps are small, unremarkable, and easy to find.

Parasitic wasps are small numbers of gnat-sized parasites that can be found in small quantities. They biologically eliminate flies from homes, farms, and livestock areas. These wasps can be found in fields and gardens, particularly those that produce pollen or nectar that attracts parasitic wasps.

How can you tell the difference between Bees and Wasps?

Honeybees and wasps can be confused due to their similar shapes. Bees are lighter in colour and have a yellow/yellow hue. Contrary to wasps, bees also have yellow/black stripes. Because honeybees are social insects, they can have thousands upon thousands of workers.

You can check the brickwork to see if there are wasp nests within your home. Although wasps may inspect multiple holes simultaneously, mortar bees can inspect them all.

Honeybees can be gentle. Honeybees can be very stingy and even die in large numbers. They can also be aggressive. They can sting easily and often. You can also find it in the summer, but they don’t swarm.

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