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Ants are known to be very destructive insects for your property, contaminating food and can be harmful to your health. To avoid all these headaches, call Tom’s Pest Control for our ant removal service, the best pest control in Canberra.

We are certified to provide you a wide range of safe and reliable ant control services including ants removal. With years of experience under our belts, you can expect a quick and effective ant removal service. All our ant removal and pest control services are at affordable rates for every pocket. 

So, when ants move in and around your property and you want to get rid of them effectively, call Tom’s Pest Control for ant removal. Our pest control experts around Canberra are committed to solving the problem and giving your house our pest-free guarantee. 


Tips For Ant Control & Ants Removal in Canberra, ACT Area

Ants will target your home or office when they’re searching for a reliable food source. If they find that source at your place, they will nest there and you will need to invest in pest control . Many ants build their colonies and will remain at the property for a long time and utilise the food sources. 

So, if you notice an ant infestation at your property, these tips can help you reduce the risk of long term damage caused by an ant infestation.

  • Pay attention to the entry points and passageways. Once you find them, seal them immediately. This will prevent ants from entering your home.
  • Clean up crumbs and spilt liquids. Ants will find whatever food and water they can, and if it is a reliable source, will lay pheromone trails so they can find their way back. Cleaning up spilt food and standing water fast is always advised.
  • Pet food on the floor in kitchens and outdoors is often cited as a source for the ant issues we deal with. Try to remove bowls after your pets have finished eating and keep them clean and dry in between feeding times.

If the infestation is in the beginning stage, you can use these tips to try to prevent the ants from settling in. However, when the nest is established and you’re seeing them in different places, you will need to call Tom’s Pest Control for our ant treatment. We will give you a custom quote for your property, complete with pest free guarantee when we’re finished carrying out your ant pest control in Canberra. 

Our experienced staff use various methods based on the level of infestation in your property. This can range from gels, sprays, dust – or in most cases a specific combination, designed specifically to handle your problem. 

Types of Ants

Ants can slowly take over your property if you’re not vigilant, and can damage property and get into food. There are many variants of ants that may need to be dealt with during our ant removal services. Every type of ant has different habits, food preferences, and favourite nesting areas. 

Some of the common types of ants you may encounter are:

  • Carpenter ants
  • Black Garden ants 
  • Argentine ants 
  • Fire ants 
  • Bull ants 
  • Coastal brown ants, and many more…

These ants are not just outdoor pests, they can cause problems in your kitchen as well. They will destroy your food items, contaminate them, and will directly attack areas like sugar jars, which is why investing in an ant pest control service at the first sign of ants is crucial.


Procedure Followed By Our Ant Removal Canberra Experts

For us, customer satisfaction is everything. To offer the customers service worth their money, we work closely with our clients. We will explain how things will be done, which procedure we have designed, and how we will eliminate ants from your house. 


Firstly, our exterminators will visit your property and inspect it thoroughly. They will carry out a detailed investigation to determine the source, existence, and level of infestation your property is suffering from. This will enable our experts to offer you the exact treatment option and estimation of charges. 

Spray cabinet
Red Ant inspection Canberra


After inspecting your property, our pest control experts will use an advanced method to remove ants from your property. Our aim is to deliver the most effective pest removal service to our customers. We will focus on each and every area of your property.

We will focus on common hideouts of ants like kitchen, bathroom, inside walls, bedrooms, basements, and near heating units. We will use non-toxic ant removal products that are safe for your family and your pets. We will use ant fumigation to eliminate ants completely from your property if required. 

Prevention Tips

The one-time ant control Canberra is not sufficient to remove ants permanently from your property. Hence, we will provide you with some effective prevention tips. Follow these certain preventive tips to ensure that these menacing insects don’t return in the future. 


Why Hire Tom’s Pest Control for Ants Removal Services?

The reason is simple: At Tom’s Pest Control we will provide the highest quality ant treatments in Canberra. Our experienced and licensed pest control experts have been dealing with ant removal in Canberra for years, and we always look to deliver hassle-free, effective services. Here are a few more reasons you should consider us:

  • Our services are customisable 
  • We offer quick and responsive service to our customers during inquiries
  • Our services are available throughout the Canberra 
  • Call us anytime, we are available 24/7
  • Exciting same day and emergency pest control service
  • Use the latest equipment for quick and effective results
  • We use chemicals and pesticides that are safe and eco-friendly 

Contact us to book your ant removal in Canberra. We also offer package deals and discounts on a range of services such as possum removal, bird proofing for solar panels, rodent control, canberra termite control, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between termites and white ants?

They are the same. Because of misconceptions, they are often called white bugs. The term termite can be used if termites are treated skilfully. A solid barrier can be used to keep termites out of your home. However, they can cause severe architectural damage. An insurer will not pay for termite damage if there are no signs that the task is complete.

General ants are annoying but can also cause severe damage to your home. Some pests are annoying and may require special spray treatments to be eradicated.

At Tom’s Pest Control Perth, we value comfort. Our customers receive the most trusted and reliable treatment options. We offer a free quote for your ant problem.

What are your methods of controlling ants?

To effectively control ant infestations, you can use lure terminals. Place them anywhere you find ants. You can also experiment with different brands until you find the one that appeals to you.

There are many methods to eliminate ants. Some methods are more reliable than others. However, they all have the same purpose: to eliminate ants from your home.

Baiting is the act of luring ants to a catch. Once they have eaten the bait, the toxin in the catch will kill them. Next, we will come to your house and set up equipment to create a chemical fog. The haze will penetrate all spaces and holes and exterminate the ants.

How much does it cost to treat ants?

While home hosting is vital, it is important that you remember to take care of insect administration. When you market your home, ensure that ants have been exterminated before potential buyers begin looking.

Anti-ant control strategies don’t need to be costly. Only take the initiative to schedule an inspection to get our recommendations. These strategies may include expert services like catching them in catches and splashing them.

Once the bugs are removed, it is possible to be certain that they will not return. Depending on how often they occur, it could cost you between 150 to 200 Australian dollars per calendar month.

How can I ensure the ants won't return after they are gone?

We all know that ants can come back anytime, no matter how hard you try. Therefore, we recommend that customers seek the guidance of experts to avoid repeat problems. All of our solutions come with a 6-month guarantee.

These parasites can do severe damage and cause inconvenience in all homes. In addition, these parasites can infect your food and your kitchen. Therefore, it is important to get professional help as soon as possible, considering how difficult these animals are in their environment.

Our pest control experts will help you create a plan that works based on their knowledge about ants and their causes.

How long does it take to eliminate all ants?

Getting rid of ants as soon as possible is crucial as they are a common problem. An ant infestation can usually be managed in days with little persistence and combines exterior and interior insect administration treatments. But, first, you must keep them away from the future.

Because ants are friendly, pests and baits can effectively treat them. They will eat the bait and then return to the nest. This can lead to their death. Therefore, regularly inspecting, and renewing insect catches is crucial to ensure they are working efficiently. It’s a bonus that baits can be used quickly and are not messy.

It may take some time to get rid of ants in your home. However, an expert will be able to give you the best chance of eliminating an ant problem. Tom’s Pest Control Canberra is a reputable ant control company with years of experience. We will treat any ants in your home after we have finished treatment.

How do I control Egyptian Carpenter, Fire, or Argentine Carpenter Ants?

One large Argentine ant swarm can infest several homes. Therefore, it is best to be vigilant for signs of re-infestation from neighbours. In addition, it is recommended that you treat any nesting areas, such as blocks, lumber piles, and gaps in your sidewalk. Fill any cracks or holes that could allow outdoor ants into these areas.

It is crucial to find and remove the woodworker honey beetle nest. If the nest is not removed, the mom and dad will create another nest. Tom’s Pest Control Canberra will investigate any problem with carpenter beetles.

You can treat them with baits for fire ants or other chemicals. To reduce their numbers, you should treat them often. Pharaoh Ants can also be difficult to manage because of their adaptability to different environments. They must be removed from the nest until it is empty.

Can ants be killed by pesticides?

A basic pest spray can be used to kill many insects. An example of a family insect is the ant. A basic pest control spray should always be applied to the home’s borders every three months or quarter to eliminate house bugs.

This is a great way of protecting your home from harmful insects, but it’s not recommended if they are a serious problem. However, you can make basic pesticides in your home by using simple compounds such as old leaves and water. This natural chemical can control pest problems such as aphids and caterpillars.

Garlic spray can also be made at home with mineral oil and water. It works against many insects. You can make a basic pest spray with unpeeled, smashed garlic cloves and fluid paraffin.

What should you do if it rains after an ant treatment

It is not necessary to worry if it rains after an anti-ant treatment. Termidor is the medicine we use to control black ants. However, after your Termidor treatment has been completed (10-20 minutes), you may want to consider getting some rain.

Termidor, which contains an active bonding agent that keeps it from being destroyed by the rain, will attract the ants to its territory.

The 6-month guarantee on Termidor ant treatments is included. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us. They’re also our pleasure, and we will help you solve them.

How can I prevent ants from entering my house or property?

Leave no damp deposit. In summer, ants seek water sources to keep themselves warm and dry. Therefore, it is important to fix leaking taps and pipes and watch out for damp areas in your home, such as the bathroom or under the sink.

It is important to organize your home regularly. For instance, ants will often venture out to find food. Imagine them finding any crumbs, drips, or other amazing fluids. The mound will be returned to them, and you can have an invasion at sunset.

This can be avoided by using a clean, surface waterproof container. You can also diffuse the smell with Eucalyptus or peppermint to discourage them.

How do you deal with large-headed Ants?

Nests of large-headed ants have both small and big employees. Smaller employees are 2mm less than significant employees. They can be larger and more varied. The average length for significant employees is 4mm. The Big Headed Ant, a brown-coloured, red-brownish-brownish ant, is the most common.

You have now found large-headed ants’ nesting areas. To sink them, you can use Cypermethrin products like Devil WP or Cyper WP. If you cannot find the nests, you can also use ant baits like Maxforce Full Granules and Exquisite Fluid Ants Lures in ant lure terminals.

You should remove all nests and passageways from your grass as quickly as possible. Please contact our pest control experts if you suspect a large infestation of bigheaded bugs.

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