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Cockroach Facts & Identification – Protecting Your Health and Property

Cockroaches are among the most common and bothersome pests in residential and commercial spaces. They exist in various types and sizes, ranging from a few millimetres to several centimetres in length.

While cockroaches come in diverse shapes, colours, and types, the most widely recognised species are typically oval-shaped and have brown or black colouration. However, it’s essential to remember that each cockroach type has distinct features that differentiate it from other species. For example, some have claws that enable them to climb vertical surfaces, while others thrive in wet environments instead of dry ones.

Tom’s Pest Control Canberra has specialised knowledge in identifying the specific type of cockroach infesting your property and determining the most effective treatment method for their removal.

Pest Cockroach Species in Canberra

Australian households commonly have six types of cockroaches:

german cockroaches control canberra
German cockroaches are prevalent in Australian households, mainly found in kitchen areas. These tiny pests often enter homes through openings such as windows, pipes, drains, and walls to seek warmth and food. Preventive measures are crucial to avoid infestations, as they can carry diseases, contaminate food, and cause damage to your property.

German Cockroaches

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Australian cockroach control canberra
The Australian cockroach is a large species with a deep, dark brown colour and distinctive yellow markings on its pronotum and forewings. This cockroach prefers plant-based food sources, which is why they are commonly found in greenhouses, under bark and leaves in gardens. When they enter homes, they typically reside in subfloors, walls, or roof voids.

Australian Cockroaches

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American Cockroaches

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Smokey Brown cockroach control
These cockroaches, which are typically discovered in warm regions, have a smoky brown colouration. In addition, they possess wings, which they use to locate food and potential mates. While these cockroaches are primarily considered an outdoor species, they may still make their way into homes and cause disturbances.

Smokey Brown Cockroaches

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Oriental cockroach control
Medium-sized and possessing a shiny black or dark reddish-brown appearance, these cockroach species are frequently discovered in cool and moist environments. They tend to inhabit damp subfloors and drainage systems. Due to their adaptable diet, which includes nearly anything, Oriental cockroaches can survive in challenging circumstances.

Oriental Cockroaches

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Brown banded cockroach control canberra
Small in size, these cockroaches feature dark brown bodies with light brown bands. They tend to inhabit kitchen cabinets and bathrooms and can be challenging to detect. While adult male, brown-banded cockroaches are capable of flight, the females possess underdeveloped wings.

Brown Banded Cockroaches

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