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Huntsman spiders in Australia are known for their unique appearance – large size, long legs, and shaggy hair coat. Unlike other spiders, Huntsman spiders do not spin webs but actively hunt their prey with impressive agility, quickly sprinting and turning to catch their meal.

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Huntsman spiders possess a distinct appearance with a primarily large grey or brown body and long legs that may display stripes. Due to their flat shape, they can fit into narrow spaces such as cracks in rocks or beneath peeling bark. Their front legs, which are longer than their back legs, resemble those of a crab and point forward, enabling them to move quickly in any direction.

To locate Huntsman spiders, one should look for them in various places, such as under the loose bark of trees, rocks and rock wall cracks, and logs. Additionally, some social Huntsman species live under dead trees, stump barks, or on the ground under stones and bark pieces. Sometimes, Huntsman spiders may wander into homes and cars by accident.

Are They Harmful to Humans?

Although Huntsman spiders look frightening, they are typically not a threat to humans. Their venom may cause discomfort, but they do not bite humans and will flee from them instead. However, a bite may result in short-term symptoms such as pain, swelling, itchiness, and inflammation.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I identify a Huntsman spider infestation?

Huntsman spiders are often found in outdoor areas, such as under rocks, tree bark, or outside buildings. However, notice many of these spiders inside your home or business. It may be an indication of an infestation.

How can a pest control service help with a Huntsman spider infestation?

A pest control service can thoroughly inspect your property to identify any areas of spider activity. They can then devise a customised treatment plan to eliminate the infestation effectively. Ongoing preventative measures can also be implemented to help ensure that the spiders do not return.

Are Huntsman spiders dangerous?

While Huntsman spiders can be intimidating due to their appearance, they are not considered dangerous to humans. Their bites may cause some discomfort but are unlikely to cause serious harm.