General Pest Control in Canberra

Are you experiencing various pest issues at your residential or commercial property? Are you looking for comprehensive pest control to get rid of multiple pest infestations from your property? We at Tom’s Pest Control offer general pest control services in Canberra. We are committed to improving the overall environment of the property.

We have a local team of pest control professionals covering each suburb of Canberra. Our professionals are well aware of the general pest issues in all suburbs. They know how to control pest infestation and protect your property from similar and other future risks.

We will inspect your property and provide pest control treatment for existing pest issues at your property. We address each aspect so that you can get long-term results.


Why Is General Pest Control Required?

When it often happens that your property gets infested with more than one type of pest or species, it may need multiple pest control treatments to gradually eliminate all these pest issues. The main reason for multiple pest infestations in or around the property is that some pests are known for attracting other pests. As a result of them, your property becomes a victim of various pest problems simultaneously.

Another reason is that the unclean properties that are not cleaned are more prone to attract various pests quickly. 

Our general pest control services are designed to keep in mind the varied needs of our customers and their associated pest issues. We cover all common pest issues in your home or business. With us, you can make your property pest-free with one service at an affordable price!

We are known for delivering pest treatment within a specified time and with minimal inconvenience to you and your family.

What Our General Pest Control Services Include?

We at Tom’s Pest Control address all common pest issues in residential and commercial properties. Choosing us means you can get the pest control and prevention treatment for the following pest issues:


After performing a pest inspection on your property, we will create a personalised treatment plan for all types of pest issues you are struggling with at your property. Tom’s Pest Control can handle everything, whether there are termites, moths, ants, or cockroaches. We have great expertise in eliminating all pests reported in Canberra.


Our Pest Control Procedure

At Tom’s Pest Control, we follow a four-step procedure to address all pest issues and provide you with the best solution. We aim to protect your property from future infestation risks. Whatever type and size of your property, we use advanced tools and methods to give you a healthy environment to live and thrive.


Our professionals will arrive at your property at your scheduled time. We will inspect your property thoroughly, covering each area and possible hidden spots of the pests. We will find the types of pests and their species, the level of damage caused to your property and various other factors.

We also look for the possible reasons that attracted pest groups to your property. Once we gather all the required details, we will give you an inspection report.

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Treatment Plan

We will proceed to create a customised treatment plan that best fits your needs and budget based on the inspection process. This plan will include the types of treatment, expected outcomes, a treatment timeline, and other necessary instructions.

Sometimes, one-time pest treatment is not adequate to wholly clear pest issues. We may need to go for a second round based on the extent of pest infestation. We will keep you updated at each step.

The Extermination

After creating a pest treatment plan, we will start executing the pest extermination procedure. Since there are multiple pest issues, it may require multiple methods to get practical and long-term results. Our professionals consider all aspects to give our customers a healthy and safe environment. We use top-quality and highly safe pest control products by working per Australian standards. Our team will assure to provide you with a complete pest service experience.

Post providing you with our reputable services, we will follow up the treatment by offering you tips to maintain your property. By following them regularly, you can prevent basic infestation scenarios in your surroundings and keep pests away for a long time.

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Ongoing Prevention

The extermination treatment alone is not very effective in the long run. The ongoing prevention ensures to reduce the future infestation risks. We will provide ongoing control and prevention tips based on our inspection report. Some of the necessary prevention tips that work effectively against several pest issues include:

  • Keep your property and its surroundings clean.
  • Make sure to remove clutter and debris regularly.
  • Make a habit of storing human and pet food in airtight containers. If there is any food spill, clean it immediately.
  • Use a garbage bin with lids, and you should always cover it. Also, clear the bin regularly.
  • Regular pest inspections help identify an infestation before the issue worsens.

Why Tom’s Pest Control?

Our offered services are professional, effective, affordable, and reliable in every way. People prefer us over our competitors due to many reasons. Our expertise and in-depth knowledge make us stand out in this competitive world.

  • Same day pest control service
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Certified and skilled professionals
  • Use advanced tools and technology
  • Use safe and top-quality pest control products
  • Affordable, comprehensive services
  • Obligation-free quote
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