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Rats and mice are among the most serious threats to human health. Pests can cause damage that is beyond your imagination, ranging from the spread of numerous diseases to the compromise of interior hygiene.

Do you suspect a rodent infestation on your property, and are you looking for mice control and rat removal in Canberra? Are you looking for a reliable pest control company canberra to get rid of rats and mice in your home or business?

We welcome you to Tom’s Pest Control, Canberra’s premier company for comprehensive rodent control and removal. We provide specialised pest control services following a detailed rodent assessment of our customers’ properties. We deliver the most effective treatment solutions to solve any current infestation concerns while reducing the risk of future rodent problems.

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Why Timely Rodent Removal is Essential?

Rodents are a severe hazard to the health of human habitats. The following are the damages and risks associated with rodent infestation:

  • Rodents can inflict extensive property damage. Its extent includes consuming aluminium and lead sheeting, chewing electrical cables, causing damage to light fixtures and appliances, and other activities.
  • Because rats are often carriers of numerous infections, they can pose major health threats to humans and pets. Rats and mice spread salmonellosis, leptospirosis, plague, tularaemia, and other diseases.
  • Rodents eat any food that is available on the land and contaminate it with their droppings.
  • Rats and mice can infect your personal items and wreak chaos in your home.
  • Rodent infestation necessitates additional upkeep because the pest defecates inside, squeezes papers and fabric, leaves food spills, and so on.
  • Several studies have found that mouse droppings can cause asthma symptoms in humans. Their droppings, skin, and saliva contain proteins that can trigger asthma symptoms, and these pests make infants more prone to allergic reactions and asthma.

Importantly, rats can live in a variety of habitats and reproduce in enormous numbers. As a result, you should get complete rodent pest management as soon as you see indications of a rat infestation on your Canberra property.

Signs of Rodent Infestation

Because rodents are more active at night, you may not see them during the day. However, the following indicators will assist you in confirming a pest infestation on your Canberra property:

  • Gnawing or chewing marks on food packs and raw food products.
  • Droppings from rodents around food packages, inside drawers and cupboards, and under the sink.
  • Pungent, stale odour coming from the crawlspace, attic, garage, and other enclosed or concealed areas of the home.
  • Nesting materials on the floor, such as shredded cloth and paper, as well as dry plant stuff.
  • Holes on the property’s walls and floors appear to have chewed.

Brown rats, roof rats, and house mice are Canberra’s most frequent nuisance rodent types. We can show you how to get rid of rats from roofs and other surfaces. 

If you see any symptoms of rodent infestation on your Canberra property, please contact us right away to speak with our specialists about rat and mice trap pests. We will assist you in eliminating rodents from your property.

Procedure Followed By Our Rodent Removal Canberra Experts

Tom’s Pest Control uses a four-stage rat elimination technique that ensures a healthy, clean environment over time.

Mouse Control Inspection

When you contact us regarding a rat infestation, one of our licensed pest control technicians will come to your home for a full examination. During the examination, they will determine the type of rodent, the amount of the infestation, rat nests, and the degree of damage to your property.

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Mouse Removal Plan

Depending on the inspection findings, we will develop a customised pest treatment plan to fix the health of your surroundings. The treatment plan will include:

  • The type of rat removal or mouse removal treatment.
  • The intended outcome of the treatment.
  • The processing timeframe.
  • Any instructions to the property’s owners.

 Before beginning the rodent control treatment in Canberra, we will explain the treatment plan to you.

Pest Control For Rats and Mice Process

Our rodent removal professionals will finish pest treatment at your property as specified in the plan. Depending on the severity of your pest problem, we may employ a combination of pest management methods such as bait stations, rodent traps, poison, and others.

We employ only approved and safe rodent control procedures at Tom’s Pest Control because we are concerned about the health and well-being of our clients, family, pets, and the environment.

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Mice Control Ongoing Prevention

A single rodent treatment does not ensure long-term outcomes. As a result, we will supply you with continuous preventative approaches and tactics suited to your property to assist you in achieving long-term outcomes.

In general, you can reduce pest problems in your home by taking the following steps:

  • Keep your house clean and sanitise by removing debris on a regular basis.
  • To minimise the pest’s food sources, store all food products in tight containers; never leave pet food open and unattended after feeding your pets.
  • Empty the food residue into a tightly closed garbage bin on a regular basis.
  • Remove the overgrowth plants around the property and keep the yard in good condition.
  • Inspect your property on a regular basis, identifying any damage or openings and repairing or closing them.

Why Hire Tom’s Pest Control?

We have become the first choice for mouse control and rodent removal services in Canberra by demonstrating our dedication and service excellence. With the following characteristics, you will find our services to be the perfect choice for your needs:

  • Same-day or next-day rodent control services.
  • Safe, family-friendly alternatives.
  • Cutting-edge treatment methods.
  • Technicians with TAFE and APCA certification.
  • Quotes are given out front, and the service is courteous.
  • Guaranteed complete satisfaction.

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If the treatment services do not reduce the pest problems on your property within two weeks, you may call us again for a discounted retreatment. Our extermination specialists will return to your property and complete the pest control treatment to achieve the finest results.

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