Five Signs To Take Ant Pest Control Seriously

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A recent study about the ant population discovered that over 2.3 million ants exist for each human being on earth. Such numbers are derived from their statistical data reading that more than twenty quadrillion ants currently prowl the globe’s 510.1 million km2 surface area. Indeed, these numbers of the ant population are enough reasons to justify obtaining regular ant pest control.

In addition, the Australian Museum separately affirms the existence of more than 1,275 active ant species on its continent. Its relevance should be considered alarming, especially because many are omnivores.

So, when you see black garden ants and others on your premises, eliminating them with ant removal treatments is essential for your safety.

How Relevant is Ant Pest Control?

Commonly it’s easy to overlook these statistics because ants ins smaller numbers don’t look so threatening. Moreover, they have rarely done any harm other than causing occasional bites.

But, certain species of ants have been found to do more than bite pets and humans, despite appearing harmless. For example, carpenter ants can eat and infest wooden surfaces and objects. So, one may find them in tree branches and barks, house foundations, walls, etc.

In light of such facts, it becomes vital to hire a reliable pest control company in Canberra sooner to avoid property destruction and health problems.

Postponing Ant Control Brings More Harm

Ignoring ants near you might become the norm when leading busier lives, but it could cause greater negative implications. For example, if you don’t take action to prevent ants from intruding or returning to your property, the following scenarios can arise:

Pest Infestation – An ant hill or colony on or around your property could attract other pests. Such pests may become difficult to remove. So, everything from cockroaches, reptiles and bugs are game, including poisonous spiders and rodents. In time, those pests could create another infestation requiring priority removal.

Soil Excavation – Ants build colonies or hills in the soil, pavement, and other ground surfaces. Letting them have the real estate will eventually destroy your garden, yard, and similar spaces. In addition, the soil or ground could become infertile or grow diseases carrying plant produce.

Property Damage – Carpenter ants are often commonly mistaken for termites. However, these ants are notorious for infesting wood items, specifically when damp. Damages could thus occur to your valuable antiques, furniture, electrical boards, and other wooden objects.

In every situation at every place, it’s never ideal to have ants on your property. So never delay receiving professional ant removal services to get rid of them.

Five Signs To Prioritise Reliable Ant Control Procedures

Unearthed Soil

The black garden ants are the culprits who dig up the soil in your backyard or garden. Removing them to safeguard your backyard or garden is better ensured using dust-based ant insecticide treatments.

Damage to Plants

When the leaves and plants on your property have stunted growth or a chewed appearance, ants might have infested the soil already. Some ant species are also known to bite into fruits and bark. So, obtaining ant fumigation treatments should drive them away to get you immediate results.

Broken Wood Pieces

Dislodged and decaying wood on your property comes close to confirming the presence of carpenter ants near you. Similarly, sagging, and weaker wooden objects laden with humidity could also shelter their infestation. But contacting your local yet reliable ant pest control technician for an inspection can solve your doubts whilst offering suitable ant extermination treatments!

Dead Pests

The dead remains of insects and other organisms are like magnets to attract other pests on your premises. Ants will follow along with other creatures when you don’t dispose of those dead remains. Even in such cases, a pest control technician can assist you by providing safe disposal and complete pest removal treatments like fumigation as required.

Hollowed Furniture

Ants can breach the surface of wooden windows and door frames in brief periods to build their shelters. It is usually done at high elevations where the soil is absent by far. In such scenarios, installing ant baits or spreading dust-based insecticides has been shown to remove their colonies.

Last Words

Be it black garden ants or another species of ants, trusting the ant pest control team to remove them can be effective. Of course, any home remedies can only do so much. However, professional ant pest control treatments can prevent their future intrusions. Contact Tom’s Pest Control today for suitable ant elimination treatments and inquiries.

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