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When your residential or commercial property is under attack from pests, then you need to act as early as possible to fix the problem and avoid severe damage. It would be best to keep in mind that a fast and effective response will prevent significant damage to your property. 

So, when you need fast and reliable pest control treatments, look no further than Tom’s Pest Control! We are Australia’s one of the best pest control service providers. With years of experience under our belts, we offer our clients all kinds of pest control, removal, and eradication services. With years of training and unmatched skills, our expert exterminators will first inspect your property to identify the root cause of these unwanted guests.

After that, we will recommend the best pest control treatment for you. Finally, we will provide you with prevention tips to keep your property free of pests for the foreseeable future.

    Comprehensive Pest Control Services

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we provide highly effective pest control service at very reasonable rates. Our foremost priority will always be the health and well-being of our customers. Hence, we offer pest control Bruce services that use eco-friendly and safe products.

    You can call us regardless of the size of the infestation your property is facing. We have solutions for all your pest infestation problems. You can call us if you have any of the below-mentioned infestation problems:

    Termite Control

    If you face a termite infestation, you need to act as fast as possible as they are the most destructive pests. These insects cause severe damage to your property and can lead to costly repair expenses! If left untreated, they can cause irreparable damage to your homes and offices. 

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we will offer you the best termite pest control Bruce services. We have highly skilled and experienced pest control experts. We use modern technology and methods to terminate termites from breeding and eating. 

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    bird control

    Bird Control

    Bird infestation will not only cause damage to your property, but the bird droppings can also affect your health. It is better that you take the help of bird removal experts to eradicate birds from your property. So, when you are dealing with birds’ inhabitation problems on your property, we can help you. We will eliminate the bird problem by offering you the best bird control service. 

    We provide top-rated bird control solutions to our customers for their homes and offices. With the help of practical techniques, we will remove birds and their nests from your property without actually harming them.

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    Ant Control

    Are you worried after seeing long parades of ants on your kitchen wall? Well, this is a sign that you need to act fast. Once these ants settle in the walls, getting them out will be pretty hard! 

    It is here where Tom’s Pest Control can help you, as our experts will inspect your property and provide you with the best ant treatments. With loads of knowledge and experience in dealing with different types of ants, we will offer you an effective ant removal service at a very reasonable price.  

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    Cockroach Control

    Cockroaches are not only irritating, but they’re super harmful too. They are known to be carriers of many germs. So, when you find cockroaches roaming free in any area of your house or office, you need to make a quick decision and call Tom’s Pest Control. 

    When cockroaches are found in any area of your home or office, eliminating them using DIY methods is quite impossible. It is why you should call us, as we follow the standard approach to remove these filthy insects from your property. 

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    Rodent Control

    Finding the right solution is really necessary if you are having trouble with a rat infestation. These creatures are very harmful and cause great damage to your property. They also carry various diseases. 

    So, it is better to contact Tom’s Pest Control and book our rodent control services. We provide excellent rodent extermination services at very affordable rates. Our systematic approach will ensure that rats are eliminated from your property entirely. Additionally, we will also provide you with a long-term preventive solution against rodent infestation.  

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    Spider Control

    Australia is home to hundreds of spider species, and some of them are dangerous for humans too! So, instead of risking your life, it is better to call a professional spider removal company

    For that, you can look no further than Tom’s Pest Control. We offer you a solution that will effectively remove spider infestation from your property. With years of experience under our belts, we will ensure that spiders are eradicated from your house or office completely. 

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    Safe and Reliable Commercial Pest Control Services

    When it comes to critical commercial buildings like hospitals, restaurants, clothing stores, and food markets, you, as an owner, need to understand the importance of commercial pest control service. 

    Look no further than us when looking for a company that can offer you excellent commercial pest control service. We offer one of the best, safest, and most reliable commercial pest control services in the Bruce area. We are the suburbs’ most trusted pest management service provider because we promise to protect your commercial property from being damaged by pests. 

    We offer high-quality termite pest control Bruce and other pest control services at very affordable rates. Our systematic approach will remove pests from the properties and protect businesses from unwanted creatures that can harm your establishment. We are known experts for providing commercial pest control services like: 

    • Termite Extermination
    • Bird Control
    • Termination of Rodents
    • Spider Control
    • Moth Control
    • Ant Control
    • Cockroach Control

    Our popular Suburbs in Canberra, We provide our pest services in:

    Banks, Belconnen, Bonner, Calwell, Casey, Condor, Denman, Franklin, Griffith, Gordon, Kaleen, Moncrieff, Narrabundah, Red Hill, Taylor, Throsby, Yarralumla

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