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Dealing with pests on your property can be an annoying situation for you. Whatever pests are there in your home or business, they can harm your property and pose health risks. Some pests cause allergic reactions on your skin, while some pests carry serious diseases.

If you are looking for a reliable company to eliminate any kind of pests from your property in Griffith, call Tom’s Pest Control now! It is important to keep your family and pets healthy. So, if you notice any sign of pest infestation in your home, you should act immediately. It would be best if you did not wait for the situation to worsen.

Our pest control Griffith services are available at affordable prices. Our pest control experts in Canberra not only work on eliminating pests from your home and business, but we also provide preventive tips to avoid future infestations.

    Professional Pest Control Services

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we aim to make your property pest-free and give you peace of mind. We offer a wide range of pest control services in Griffith and other areas of Canberra. We can help you to get rid of pests on the same day using our advanced tools and equipment. We keep all aspects in mind while creating a treatment plan and working on execution accordingly.

    Termite Pest Control Griffith

    Termites don’t bite or harm your pets in any way. But, they damage your furniture and other wooden items. They are known for eating stuff made with wood and can damage them completely. So, when you experience anything unusual on your wooden furniture or other wooden items, it may signify the existence of a termite infestation.

    You can call us anytime and book our termite control service before it’s too late. We keep everything transparent and let you know about our plan of action. We ensure that your home or business will be termite-free.

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    bird control

    Bird Control

    Birds are such beautiful and playful creatures that we love to see and hear them singing. But do you know that some birds are considered pests and can spoil your property somehow? The droppings and feathers of some birds, like pigeons, doves, and starlings, can cause infection. They even make your property look dirty. So, you should call our professionals to get rid of the bird infestation.

    We offer a variety of professional bird control services using the systematic approach to remove birds from your property. We use state-of-the-art tools and eco-friendly methods to stop their entry into your property.

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    Rodent Control

    Rodents are one of the most annoying pests you have ever had in your home or business. The rodent infestation on your business causes severe damage to your property and other stuff. Its existence also negatively impacts your prestige before your customers.

    They contaminate food, spoil it, and also carry serious diseases. The presence of rodents means you need to act as quickly as possible. You should take the help of rodent control experts if you are not satisfied with DIY methods. We will use the latest methods to trap or kill rodents before they cause irreparable harm to your property.

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    Spider Control

    Australia is home to several spider species. Not all spiders are harmful to humans, but some spider species are so deadly that they need to be removed from your property immediately. It is recommended to take quick action and call a professional to get rid of these nasty creatures from the inside and around your homes or businesses.

    We follow all preventive measures to keep your family and pets safe from any harm by these creatures. We will first inspect your property to find the right spider species and plan the treatment accordingly.

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    Moth Control

    Moths may seem harmless to humans, but their damage is irreparable. It is usually difficult to locate moth infestations on most properties until they cause severe damage to your stuff. So, when you notice tiny holes in the clothes, carpets, plants, etc., it means your home is infested with a moth.

    We at Tom’s Pest Control have experts who know how to confirm the moth infestation as well as the type of moth species. We will work on controlling moth infestation before they do severe damage. We will also focus on preventing future moth infestations by implementing all the essential preventive steps.

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    Cockroach Control

    Cockroaches are known for infesting places with a lack of cleanliness and poor hygiene. If you see cockroaches roaming around your kitchen and other areas in your home, don’t wait anymore. Just pick up your phone and call us for the best cockroach control treatment.

    We perform effective methods to remove these filthy creatures from each corner of your property. We will give you a cockroach-free place to live by using eco-friendly products. We will also guide you with some useful tips to maintain your property pest-free.

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    Professional Commercial Pest Control in Griffith

    The team of pest control technicians at Tom’s Pest Control is not only limited to residential pest control services. We also provide commercial pest control Griffith services for businesses related to all industries. The food industry is more prone to get pest infestations, such as ant infestations, cockroach infestations, rodent infestations, etc. In this situation, you should seek a professional pest control treatment before it starts affecting your business. We offer pest control for all spaces, from disinfecting your small office to a big hotel. We use equipment and methods that best fit the type of infestation, your business needs, and your budget. We create a customised treatment plan for all clients. We offer pest control services for commercial buildings, including:

    Our popular Suburbs in Canberra, We provide our pest services in:

    Banks, Belconnen, Bonner, Bruce, Calwell, Casey, Condor, Denman, Franklin, Gordon, Kaleen, Moncrieff, Narrabundah, Red Hill, Taylor, Throsby, Yarralumla

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    If you want to get rid of any kind of pests on your property, we are always available to help you. Our pest control Griffith services ensure to eliminate and prevent pest infestation on all types of residential and commercial properties. Just call us at (02) 6105 9024 and book the inspection!

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