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Watching pests crawling on your property can instil fear and annoyance in you. These pests will not only harm your property but can also cause allergic reactions and affect even your pet’s health. So, instead of waiting, give a call at (02) 6105 9024.

When you choose us, you need not fear the pests anymore as we will offer you practical and fast pest control and removal service in Taylor. Our methods will help you get rid of these infectious insects from your property and make your life better and pests-free again.

Additionally, don’t worry about the prices because we offer the best pest control in Taylor at very reasonable prices. Our exterminators will not only eliminate pests from your property but will also inform you of preventive steps to stop future infestations.

You are just one call away from living a pest-free and serene life. Pick up your phone, call us, and book our pest control service. Our experts will visit your place and decide how to get rid of the ongoing infestation accordingly.

    All-inclusive Tom’s Pest Control Solutions

    Our main aim is to provide you with the best pest control in Taylor without breaking your bank. We will help you get rid of these insects without any delay. We offer various pest removal services to our customers like: 

    Bird Control

    Birds are cute and playful until they litter your property with their droppings and feathers. Additionally, these things carry germs and cause infection in some cases. Hence, you must take steps against bird infestation. For that, you can always hire our bird control service. 

    We offer top-class bird control to our customers with our up to date equipment and eco-friendly solutions. We do not harm birds as we will only install harmless spikes on the entry points to stop them from entering your property. After the process is completed, we will sanitize your property to make it germ-free.

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    Rodent Extermination

    Rats and mice are among the filthiest and most annoying pests on any property. These tiny creatures can cause colossal damage not only to your property but also to your kitchen. They will contaminate your food and spoil it. So, you will need to act as fast as possible. 

    For that, you can rely on our rodent extermination services. We will make sure that every rat is eliminated from your property. Our latest machines and traps will affect the activities of rats before they do irreparable damage to your property.

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    Cockroach Extermination

    No pest can come close to cockroaches when it comes to survival. These tiny creatures can even survive a nuclear blast and live without their heads! Frightening, right? Well, one thing is that they won’t stay with Tom’s Pest Control’s cockroach extermination treatment. 

    We do everything to remove these filthy creatures from your property and return the serenity of your life once again. We will only use eco-friendly and Australian-approved insecticides to remove these mucky creatures to make your living space undisturbed.

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    Moth Control

    Many people think that moths are harmless and do not pose any damage to their property. However, that is not the case, as they will build a massive nest in your property. It is a sign of moth infestation if you see holes in your plants, clothes, and carpets.

    So, when you see this type of damage, then it is time for you to call Tom’s Pest Control and book our moth control service before they do any further harm. We will first remove the nests they have built on your property and then remove them altogether.

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    Ant Pest Control

    Ants may see as peaceful and harmless insects. However, they will contaminate your food and build huge colonies on your property. Also, some species can bite you and cause skin irritations. 

    So, instead of waiting, call Tom’s Pest Control. With the help of our modern extermination procedures and trained team, we will remove ants from your property. Our effective methods also ensure that ants do not return any time soon.

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    Spider Control

    Australia houses countless species of spiders. Among them, there are lots of venomous species that can harm you. So, instead of taking such risks, call our spider control service to get rid of these 8-legged creatures from your property. 

    We follow all the standard procedures to remove them from your property. Our experts will also give you prevention tips so that they don’t return to your property in the foreseeable future.

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    Professional Commercial Pest Control

    Commercial pest control is very different from residential pest control for multiple reasons. However, you need not worry as we are not just only limited to residential pest control. Our commercial pest control services are equally acclaimed by the people of Taylor, Canberra. We offer our customers one of the best pest control Taylor services without going over their budget. 

    We can offer you pest control for everything from disinfecting numerous cubicles to vast golf fields! Additionally, we treat all real estate types to make them secure against harmful insects and infestation. 

    We provide personalized and customizable pest control Taylor service for commercial properties. You can choose us for the following types of unique pest control treatments:

    Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control Taylor Service

    People choose our pest control services because: 

    • We are a reliable, affordable, and responsive pest control company
    • Offer same-day pest removal services 
    • Licensed and experienced staff
    • One-stop destination for various pest problems
    • We use eco-friendly and safe chemicals and insecticides
    • Transparent service and soft-spoken employees

    Our popular Suburbs in Canberra, We provide our pest services in:

    BanksBelconnenBonnerBruceCalwellCaseyCondorDenmanFranklinGriffithGordonKaleenNarrabundah, Red HillThrosbyYarralumla

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