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Are you in the search for reliable and affordable pest control in Belconnen? Stop your search right here, as we at Tom’s Pest Control are your one-stop destination for all of your pest problems.

We will offer you excellent pest control services at a very reasonable rate. With our termite pest control in Belconnen, you can trust us to get various other extermination services. Rodent extermination, wasp extermination, moth treatment, fox trapping, fly control, flea treatment, and many more services are available with us..

We are Belconnen and Australia’s first-choice pest control company, as we offer pet-friendly and eco-friendly pest control services. We are also laced with all the latest machines to provide our customers with the best and quickest service.

Plus, we have expert staff members with years of experience under their belts. So, no matter what type of pests you deal with, we will find them and efficiently exterminate them. You can also create customised treatment plans to remove problems from your property as per your requirements.

At Tom’s Pest Control, we believe that harsh measures are not always the solution. Hence, we provide our customers with preventive pest control to avoid pests damaging your property in the future. So, choose us and get high-quality pest control in Belconnen at reasonable rates.

    Highly Effective Pest Control Services

    Our team of exterminators is highly trained and will provide you with the solutions and prevent pests from entering your property in the future. We will also look after your loved ones and pets by using safe and eco-friendly materials and products. Choose us and get:

    Termite Control

    Our most acclaimed and trustworthy service is termite pest control in Belconnen. We have years of experience dealing with different types of termites. With the help of advanced termite products and equipment, we will stop these menacing creatures from damaging your property.

    We follow all the safety measures and provide you with the safest and most effective termite solution without breaking your bank. The best thing is that we offer different packages for both home and commercial property and give you peace of mind by controlling termites.

    Building pest Inspection
    Spraying window

    Bird Control

    Even though birds are beneficial in controlling weeds and the population of pests, they can become menacing if they build their nests and invade your home and commercial properties. Hence, we at Tom’s Pest Control provide our customers with easy, affordable, and effective bird control service.

    We know that destroying birds’ nests are illegal. So, we use different methods to scare them away from your property. We will not harm birds but install harmless spikes in various areas of your property to reduce bird damage. These methods will ensure that birds don’t land on your property in the first place.

    Bed Bug Treatment

    Bed bugs are one of the most annoying pests as they will give you sleepless nights and cause skin irritation. So, instead of suffering from this, call Tom’s Pest Control and gets our bed bug treatment service.

    We use effective methods to remove bed bugs from your property while keeping your safety our priority. 

    professional pest control

    Possum Removal

    Killing possums are illegal in Australia. However, these creatures are known to spread various diseases as they carry leptospirosis, tuberculosis, spotted diseases, and other diseases. So, how will you deal with it when you see frequent possum sightings on your property? You will simply pick up your phone and call Tom’s Pest Control.

    We will carefully remove a possum from your property and set traps to catch them and set them free in the forests safely. We will provide you with the best possum removal service in Belconnen without harming them. 

    Fly Control

    Flies are one of the most annoying creatures, including cockroaches and mosquitoes. They will not let you live in serenity as their constant buzzing sound will irritate you! Apart from this, they’re the most dangerous because they carry many diseases and germs.

    Hence, instead of catching a disease, call Tom’s Pest Control. We will provide you with the most effective, quick, and safest fly control service to the residents of Belconnen. We are committed to providing you with advanced fly control service at reasonable rates.

    We know how dangerous flies can be for you and your family’s health. So, emphasise eliminating them as quickly as possible by choosing our pest control in Belconnen.


    Moth Control

    Have you just noticed damage to your clothes because of the moth infestation present in your house? Do you want to remove moth infestation permanently from your property? If yes, call Tom’s Pest Control and gets our moth control service.

    Having a moth on your property can be a huge problem, so take quick action. We will help you remove moth traces and use effective treatments to give you a moth-free property.

    Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control Belconnen

    We are Australia’s leading pest control company and are known to be one of the best pest control companies in Belconnen due to our excellent services and affordable prices. If you are still not convinced, then here are some more reasons for you to choose us:

    Competitive Price

    We understand the importance of your budget and offer competitive prices despite providing one of the best pest control services in Belconnen. With the help of modern machines and the latest methods, we will be able to remove pests from your property quickly and affordably. 

    Effective Treatments

    We provide the highest quality pest control in Belconnen, which makes us different from other pest control companies. We take our time to inspect your property thoroughly and ensure that the process yields the expected results.

    Ensure Safety

    When it comes to your and your family’s safety, we do not make any compromise in any way. We aim to provide our clients with the best pest control solution without harming their family members’ health.

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