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Did you know that birds can cause more than 55 ailments, including severe respiratory ailments and allergies? It’s true! Certain species of birds are recognised to feed on the bones of other creatures. Unfortunately, these facts about birds are usually ignored or not considered during our busy lives. But such non-voluntary neglect should be your cue to get regular bird pest control services.

Birds are among the creatures that are most ignored worldwide despite the several reasons making It essential to limit their activity near you. Especially for business establishments, birds are a menace to your earning potential for several reasons. Learn how they can endanger your profit potential as you simultaneously learn about the importance of bird prevention measures.

Bird Activities Around You Can Be Dangerous

Any licensed technician offering bird removal service near you can affirm that birds can negatively impact your business properties. The following obvious ways back these claims by them that bird invasions can indeed cause harm to you and your business operations.

Hygiene & Contamination

Bird droppings may contain viruses, bacteria, fungi, and contagious parasites. Ingestion or respiration of such bird droppings can cause serious illnesses like flu, E-coli, encephalitis, salmonella poisoning, etc. Hence, seeking bird pest prevention treatments can save you from the fate of suffering under these conditions.

Property Deterioration

Ceilings, plumbing and furniture are susceptible to damage from bird droppings, pecking and nest-building activities. Similarly, such surfaces frequently polluted by bird droppings, such as wood, paint, or metals, can eventually deteriorate and corrode. These materials, over time, can become less durable and more susceptible to mould, which could lead to attracting more pests besides needing expensive repairs.

Safety Hazards

A floor blotted with fresh feathers or bird droppings could become slippery, creating a mobility risk for pedestrians. Entities slipping on these surfaces can also suffer from lethal injuries or even paralysis in worst-case scenarios. Likewise, noises from birds can also cause distractions or cause mental stress.

Which Businesses Prosper After Bird Pest Prevention Services?

Expert technicians suggest that installing measures for controlling birds at higher elevations may not be enough to safeguard the establishment. Per their experience of providing bird pest control treatments, they suggest that preventing bird activities is essential for every business, large or small.

Thus, the following are some examples of various business environments widely known to benefit from obtaining bird prevention services.

Shopping Malls & Retail Stores

Commercial retail areas like cafes, restaurants, pubs, etc., within a mall or independently, are prime locations for birds to feast on scraps. Birds access these spaces from emergency exits and other entry points and can disturb customers, conditioning them never to return. So, food chains and similar parlours should hire bird prevention services at the earliest.

Industrial Facilities

It is essential to have bird control and prevention equipment installed wherever heavy machinery is handled or kept. The absence of it invites the risk of equipment malfunctioning from bird debris and droppings. These may also cause contamination of goods stocks and supplies.

Corporate Skyscrapers

The corporate high-rises appeal to birds seeking convenient shelter or food, which they can find by entering through vents or air ducts. When you employ a professional company offering bird removal services, they can seal off these entry points to keep away the flying intruders while retaining the prestige of your establishment.

Commercial Offices & HQ

Most headquarters and commercial offices already have signed agreements for receiving regular pest inspections and removal treatments. In addition, it is beneficial also to acquire bird prevention measures that can later avoid exposing the workforce to the annoyance of birds.

Best Durable Bird Pest Control Services

Hundreds of happy clients rated the following solutions as the best to prevent bird activities on business premises. These measures can suffice to safeguard commercial areas from birds like Seagulls, Pigeons, Mynas, etc.

Bird Nets & Wires

Bird wires and nets effectively prevent birds from inhabiting your roof, balconies and elevated grounds, aside from preventing their return. Limiting the entry of these frequently flying squatters using wires made of steel materials can further add to the security of your building.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are a good choice when you want to deter bird flocking or bird-landing problems. Professional technicians can install these spikes under bird pest control services on chimneys, ledges, steel beams, girders, and other structures.

Bird Shooting

It may be the least likely chosen bird prevention treatment, but it is not without presenting highly dependable results. For certain industrial and commercial spaces, it’s the only ideal option to remove birds when a large flock has invaded their business area. However, please only hire a licensed and professional bird removal technician for safety reasons and to prevent disruption to your business routine.

Solar Panel Proofing

As businesses are adopting more eco-friendly initiatives, purchasing stainless UV-coated wires to protect solar panels is an absolute necessity. It prevents birds from gathering in and around the panels, preventing damage to wiring and the cells from bird litter and their other activities.

Last Words

Several other effective bird pest control solutions are accessible to you under one roof at Tom’s Pest Control. Please visit or call us to book our bird inspection services or customisable pest control treatments in Canberra. Remember, your business cannot grow if the customers and workforce are at harm!

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