Rodent Pest Control Services For Emergency Rat & Mice Removal

Rodent Pest Control Services

While rodents aren’t generally given much thought, neglecting them could be a grave mistake as they can create serious trouble. Rats and mice are among the most stubborn intruders that have been difficult to eliminate across various regions. So, if it has been several days since they were last seen on your property, it’s time to get professional rodent removal services.

It is important to realise that putting off seeking treatment for a mouse or rat infestation removal will expose your property to more dangers.

Why Get Regular Rodent Pest Control Treatments?

When a rodent is looking for shelter, food, water, or even all three, it may find its way to your property. After it has satisfied those survival needs on your premises, it’ll quickly multiply. Rats do not hibernate, and they’re active throughout the year.

Eventually, your house could become a rodent nest full of rats, and such an infestation could attract other pests and creatures. Living in proximity to them could trigger serious illnesses other than causing immense property damage. Hence, you should book a pest control inspection on the same day to get rodent removal treatments as possible.

Top Reasons To Hire Rat Pest Control Technicians

As someone with a busier schedule than most, it may feel like a task to check for pests. But when you cannot invite pest inspection technicians immediately, learning to look for signs of rodent presence can save you. The following indicators could affirm that you should seek out rodent removal solutions near you sooner than later:

  • Rodent Droppings

The most certain way to confirm your property has rodents is by checking the remains of their faeces or urine. Although the technicians delivering mouse removal procedures dispose of such waste, it is advised that you avoid any contact with it. Not maintaining sanitation standards in these situations could make you prone to suffering from dangerous illnesses.

  • Property Damage

Another sign that affirms you must obtain rodent control services is upon discovering bitten things in your office or home. Rodents are known to devour almost anything, including paper, fabric, wood, and even electrical wires. Allowing them such uninhibited reign can cause house fires and greater property damage.

  • Rodent Nests

Although a rodent usually invades a home or office singularly, it’s still possible for them to attract more rodents. Did you know that two mature rodents may together birth more than 10,000+ offspring in less

than an entire year? It’s true! Therefore, obtaining an urgent rodent removal treatment is the most secure way to protect yourself.

How Can You Distinguish Between Rats and Mice?

Rodent specialists are and need to be experts in identifying the various species of rodents because discerning mice apart from rats helps. Similarly, you can learn it by reading their characteristics below, which may allow you to take preventive steps, potentially avoiding the possibility of such attacks.


  • Usually, they measure 9-11 inches in length with a 7-9 inch tail.
  • The rats are commonly black, brown or red in colour.
  • Rats can produce over 50 drops a day.
  • Possess strong teeth and the capacity to climb up on slopes.


  • The typical length is 4-6 inches, including a tail of 2 to 4 inches.
  • Common types of mice are white, grey or red in colour.
  • Mice can produce around 100 droppings in a day.
  • Mice have weaker teeth, but they can climb altitudes.

Simple Methods For Rodent Pest Control & Prevention

If you’ve hired a mouse removal service in the past or are awaiting it, implementing the following can reduce the chances of attracting rodent infestations:

  • Clean your garbage bins frequently and seal them well.
  • Get rid of old food and make sure your kitchen is kept clean.
  • Be sure to keep your surroundings dry using proper ventilation.
  • Make efforts to seal smaller entry points throughout the property.
  • Perform plumbing and infrastructure repairs urgently.
  • Fill up any burrows and ant caves besides maintaining your garden.
  • Get professional rat removal treatments frequently.

Complete Rodent Removal Treatments Near You

If the thought of a rat colony in your home makes you anxious, obtaining rat removal treatments can impart peace of mind. The following are some proven methods to get rid of rodents at your home or business.

Professional Rodent Removal & Pest Control

Professional pest control technicians in Canberra will perform various extermination procedures based on the infestation’s severity. As they guarantee security, the technicians may al

and other equipment. Combining such solutions offers resolute protection against rodent infestations in standard scenarios.

Winter Rodent Control Treatments

Winter is not when the pests become active, but you should expect rodents to visit you. Rodents don’t hibernate, and preventing their entry is better managed by professional technicians offering mouse removal treatments. So, you should expect them to install or equip prevention measures and other materials on your property for your safety and to keep them away.

Final Words

Call Tom’s Pest Control team to learn more about rodent pest control treatments and techniques and your options. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will recommend you the best customisations for rodent prevention procedures, so you never go broke removing pests.

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