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When you’re in the market for a new home or are remodelling one, understanding the importance of having termite pest control systems will prove fruitful. Otherwise, say if the builder skips installing a termite barrier, you may need to make severe repairs for property damage.

To realise why termite barriers are required, recognising their purpose is a good start. In theory and realistically, a termite barrier helps protect your property against termite entry and infestations. The usual points of entry are underground and soil adjacent to the walls of your property. Thus, getting termite barriers from a dependable and professional pest control team in Canberra can make all the difference in the long run compared to hiring untrained agencies.

Let’s further check out other reasons that make Chemical termite barriers a necessity for your protection.

Is Termite Control Legally Mandatory?

Yes. The National Construction Code contains guidelines that demand homes should have a termite risk management system. In the absence of it, homes must else be constructed using termite-resistant materials. It is lawfully required to follow these guidelines, in addition to obtaining regular termite inspections, exterminations, and termite management systems maintenance.

Risks Of Skipping Termite Control Solutions

Keeping the legality aside, not using protective measures to keep termites away when building homes can invite the following risks:

  • Ceilings and walls become damaged
  • Damage to the Core Foundation Elements
  • Flooring and Concrete Slab Damage
  • Poor electrical system
  • And many more

For the safety of your new home, neutralising these risks arising from termite infestations is highly recommended. So, you may ask your builder to provide you with a termite inspection report for your prospective house. Otherwise, you may also schedule a professional termite inspection because it’s figuratively a better practice to be safe than sorry.

The absence of any termite activity can be expected if your new house is fitted with the appropriate termite protection system(s). However, when the installation of termite prevention measures is skipped, hiring a professional termite pest control service should be the first thing on your list. They could provide you with extermination treatments or offer to install termite barriers for your protection.

Safest Termite Barriers in Australia for New Homes

A termite barrier is nothing like a fence, but it works similarly. Termite barriers are placed around the property that functions by baiting, trapping and exterminating termites. Most modern constructions in Australia already come installed with such termite prevention systems.

Here are the two most recommended termite barriers or baits that are nationally proven to be reliable in preventing termite activity near you:

  • Sentricon Termite Barriers

The Sentricon Always Active Termite Barriers can be viewed as termite trapping and extermination systems. Apart from it, they can also monitor and alert you about termite activity on your property. Getting them is simple and begins with obtaining a termite pest inspection to confirm there are zero termites on your property.

Following the report, each Sentricon station unit will be planted in the ground three metres apart with a 90mm opening. Standard homes require about 55 linear metres of Sentricon stations to deliver complete protection against termite activity.

The Sentricon stations can offer up to 5 years of protection after installation, whose replacement after half-life is advised by experts.

  • Kordon Termite Protection Barriers

Kordon is a well-known brand in the pest control industry for offering stellar termite management solutions. But please take notice of getting their Kordon Sheets installed only by a professional Kordon-certified team. An untrained agency may not be able to install them correctly, beating the purpose of obtaining them.

For ongoing construction projects, the technicians will put Kordon sheets right between the steel-reinforced mesh and bedding layers of sand. Concrete is then laid over this arrangement to seal and cover it against weather conditions and other external agents.

After completing the construction, you will receive a Kordon Termite Treatment Certificate that guarantees the security of the structure for up to six years.

Top Reasons To Install A Termite Control Barrier Today

Termites are known for their intruding on properties using the soil or through unsealed concrete slabs and foundations. Therefore, paying attention to the construction process and whether it contains a termite barrier is vital.

Following are some of the many indicators that can determine the presence of termite activity as per Tom’s Pest Control technicians:

  • Creaking floorboards that have a caved-in appearance or carved lines.
  • Having a hollow-sounding section of wood in windows and doors.
  • The warping of wood in furniture and artefacts due to active termite infestation.
  • Walls presenting evidence of water damage through peeling or blistering paint.
  • A clicking sound that you can hear coming from the walls.
  • Spotting mud tubes near wooden furniture or in corners of the room.
  • Discovering broken pieces of wood and splinters on your property.

When one or most of these conditions come true, consider your termite prevention system may be damaged. At such times, urgently obtaining termite pest control services or reinstating the termite risk management system could help you avoid lengthy property repairs.

Other Superior Termite Control Solutions

Termites can also be driven away from your residence and lawn through these methods aside from installing Baits & Barriers.

  • Chemical Reticulation Systems

A Termite Reticulation system comprises a series of pipes placed inside the ground and beneath crucial areas of your property. These pipes are stocked with termiticides to be flown in the network to prevent termites from breaching the perimeter. Termidor is one such termiticide that is frequently utilised in such systems, ideally requiring a refill every 3-5 years.

  • Soil Treatments

Protecting your new home’s concrete slab against termite intrusion can be another beneficial practice. So, you can ask the builder to spray or lathe the concrete slab with Rendacure or other similar substances. Ultimately it will sustain the concrete against developing cracks, naturally preventing termites from intruding.

  • Adding Waterproofing Compounds

Believe it or not, a humid environment and damp wood indeed attract termites. Therefore, applying waterproofing products to your building can improve the effectiveness of your other termite prevention measures. You can use popular compounds like Xypex Concentrate, Ardex WPM300, Homeguard Portectacote, etc.

Final Words

Extracting the best protection from termite pest control systems requires the maintenance of termite barriers and other measures. Contact local Tom’s Pest Control today to learn more about your options!

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